Channel Partner

TSD Consulting founded its Barcelona headquarters in 2006 with focus and specialty knowledge in two specific market areas: ERPs (SAP in particular) and BI/EPM.
TSD is an independent integrator, always taking care of its clients, offering customers the solutions that fitsbest for their needs. As an arcplan partner TSD appreciates the platform openness and flexibility, allowing to deliver custom made solutions that no other product in the TSD portfolio can.

Our Services

TSD offers integral services starting at the hardware level, followed by system configuration, integration, project development, and managing and outsourcing several of the included technologies (both ERP and BI related).

Our References with arcplan

TSD has the following customers using arcplan technology:

  • Danone – Implementation of “Spare Project” (to support the month closing process)
  • Catalan Health Service - Implementation of CatSalut dashboard
  • Almirall – Commercial activity and HR dashboards