Channel Partner

Teinco is official partner of the arcplan solutions at Brazil. arcplan is currently the editor of the best tool of Business Intelligence, with 15 years of experience between the Europe and U.S.A. Solutions that add value to the biggest businesses systems of many companies of the world, are now available to anyone.

We are reseller and integrators of arcplan solutions, offering Business Intelligence solutions and specialized Consulting for environments that demand high performance in the business. We only work with arcplan solutions, therefore we are very specialists on this.

Our advantage is to have a team of professionals that have been the chance to work during years as technician consultant on the biggest multinationals with robust systems and more recently begin working focused on businesses perspective, leaving of side bits and bytes to effectively assist in the strategy business-oriented, using the experience acquired in IT in favor of the business performance.

Our Products

Aiming at taking care of to demanding customers whom desire to implement best business-oriented solutions of control, having a powerful environment that assists them with effectiveness about taking critical decisions to the businesses and extends its horizons in the market, we decide to work with arcplan. Therefore, best executives could have the tools that fully cover their necessities helping them to carry through its businesses and provisioning with total security.

We work exclusively with arcplan solutions:

  • arcplan Enterprise – Monitoring and reporting of organizations business performance for their directors and shareholders
  • arcplan Edge – Budgeting, planning and flexible simulations;
  • arcplan Excel Analytics – Reporting Ad-hoc on-line available from Excel

Our Services

Teinco this prepared to provide full services of capacity planning, implementation, support and performance analysis supported by arcplan solutions. We have professionals with more than 10 years of experience in businesses and performance of IT.

With training and certifications, we are raising the level of our staff in order to Teinco will not be just a sales channel, but a business partner100% dedicated to the support of arcplan solutions.

We are a company exclusively focused on arcplan solutions for Business Intelligence. So if you think about arcplan or Business Intelligence in Brazil, please considere Teinco.

Our References with arcplan

Teinco recently started operations with arcplan and we are working to be one of the largest channels in South America, seen the size and potential market in Brazil.

We would like offer a premium pre-and post-sales, allowing our customers to reach a high level of satisfaction, where those clients are not only reference to the local market , they will be a reference for other large companies in the world.


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