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The Case for Supply Chain Quality Management: Part 3 – Creating a Fact-Based Culture


Last time, we presented the challenges that quality managers face when trying to measure supplier performance. Today, we're outlining how to create a supply chain culture based on facts.

Removing "supply chain" from the equation, how can any company expect to make decisions without the right data? arcplan's view of business intelligence is that everyone should have access to the data they need to make performance-driving decisions. Without access to this type of data, decisions are often made using anecdotal evidence or data from individual locations, and not based on an aggregate view of quality.

If a fact-based culture is to be established between your internal teams and external suppliers, you need 3 ingredients:

  1. Support from the top management of both companies involved — and mutual trust
  2. Willingness to invest in developing the relationship now in order to prevent problems later
  3. An application, such as a Quality Dashboard or Supplier Scorecard that empowers the supply chain management team to make better business decisions

Speaking to #3, supply chain quality managers need a flexible, powerful application that delivers actionable data from the field and enables managers to make decisions about suppliers that support the company’s goals — decisions that are based on facts. Quality Dashboards and Supplier Scorecards need to access data from a variety of sources and present it at a summary level for executives and at a granular level that enables root cause analysis for supply chain quality managers.

Are you part of a supplier quality team that's struggling to make fact-based decisions? We're eager to hear the challenges you're facing and if you're using BI to combat them!

Next time, we'll give you sample performance metrics for your Quality Dashboards and Supplier Scorecards.

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