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BI Predictions for 2012 – Self-Service, Mobile, Collaborative


arcplan CEO, Roland HoelscherWe're coming up on the end of the year – a time when we hopefully have a few moments during the busy holiday rush to think about what next year will bring. For us in the BI world, that means trying to stay ahead of trends so we can continue to bring you the world-class solutions you need to get insight from your data.

I believe that 2012 will be all about bringing business intelligence to users wherever they are. That means self-service, mobile BI, and collaboration will be on everyone's minds.

The idea of self-service BI is taking root in organizations large and small. Business users want to easily access and analyze data without having to use complex tools or rely on IT. Solution providers like arcplan are trying to reach the non-power-users who need insight into corporate data as much as anyone.

Mobile BI and collaborative BI have been named trends before, but in 2012, they are poised to take off. A quarter of organizations surveyed in the BI Survey 10 plan to implement mobile BI in the next 12 months. Businesses are moving from planning to actual deployment as executives and road warriors become increasingly more comfortable with smartphones and tablets, and IT finds ways to ensure data security.

Employees are clamoring to participate in the decision-making process and companies are realizing that knowledge has to be shared. Collaboration tools like wikis, web conferencing, and cloud-based document sharing products have made us realize that crowdsourcing within our own company yields results. Business intelligence is joining this wave, with solutions like our own arcplan Engage that allow users to access information from many corporate systems, rate it, request changes, and provide feedback. In 2012, we'll see collaborative BI bring increased efficiency and shortened time-to-decision, providing concrete value to the first adopters.

So that's a look ahead to what 2012 should bring. But as this year winds down, I wish our blog readers a wonderful holiday season!

Roland Hoelscher

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I'm the CEO of arcplan. I've been with the company for 18 years in many capacities, from Marketing to CTO, and founded the US division. I spend about half my time at our German headquarters and half my time at our US headquarters, with visits to our clients and to the occasional industry event thrown in.
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  1. While BI vendors are doing a good job of offering charts and KPI monitoring on mobile devices they’ve been slower to offer alerting, the number-one feature desired by mobile BI users.

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