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Teradata PARTNERS User Group Conference 2012 – A Vendor’s Perspective


This year's Teradata PARTNERS Conference in Washington D.C. was my second in a row. The theme, Decision Possible, was perfect as the focus of the sessions was not just on the business of collecting data, but more on using data to make better decisions. At our booth, we met hundreds of DBAs, Solutions Architects, BI Directors, and consultants, some of whom knew arcplan already and some whom had never encountered us before. But by the end of the show, we had gotten to the heart of the challenges they face when it comes to BI.

The attendees we met seemed to be most interested in what arcplan offers that other vendors do not. We're one of the only partners to support Teradata's OLAP Connector (and relational interface as well) and with so many customers purchasing it to enable easy access to Teradata content for the business community, we have a great starting point with those organizations. We were part of a special Teradata OLAP Connector Reception on Tuesday, October 23rd along with Tableau, where we raffled off an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Why these 2 devices? That leads to one of the most frequent discussions we had with attendees at the conference...

So many were excited by our "develop once, deploy anywhere" capability, where reports and dashboards can be designed once and rolled out to any smartphone or tablet with the click of a button. Mobile application management was a hot topic among attendees, and our ability to reduce the amount of development time is a big differentiator. On top of that, we kept getting questions about whether users can have Excel access to the very same applications, and of course the answer is YES! arcplan is known more and more for our easy access to BI applications on any web browser, mobile device, and Excel. In fact, the newest version of arcplan (7.5) enables you to drag-and-drop your BI application from a web browser right into Excel! That is really cool feature that I'm excited about.

If you haven't seen the new look of arcplan, this was another thing that sparked a lot of interest. We have a unified look to our products that is Metro or Modern (in Microsoft language). You can see it on our new website and also in our product demos. Attendees remarked that it's clean, modern, and forward-thinking.

Overall, I was proud to educate attendees that arcplan's platform can do more than just guided analytics/dashboards. We go well beyond the cool user interfaces of other BI products and actually support the full range of BI users, from power users and analysts to planners to on-the-go executives. Our innovation was on full display as we showed off our collaborative BI solution, arcplan Engage, our multiple options for ad-hoc analysis, our mobile BI capabilities that enable a single app to be deployed to mobile devices, and of course, the easy to build and use reports and dashboards we've always been known for that integrate data from multiple sources including Teradata, SAP, Oracle, and many more.

It was a great show and I took forward to next year's in Dallas, TX - my home state!

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