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Web Pivoting / Ad-Hoc Reporting in arcplan Enterprise


Have you heard the term “ad-hoc reporting” or “ad-hoc query” being thrown around at your organization? If you’re turning corporate data into useful information for decision-making, ad-hoc reporting is a necessity. “Ad-hoc” is latin for “as the occasion arises,” so when you hear ad-hoc reporting, think “on the fly” querying by nontechnical users.

Web Pivoting, simply put, is ad-hoc functionality in a Web broswer. Not only can power users drill into multidimensional data, but regular business users can also find answers to pressing questions in a self-service fashion. arcplan Enterprise users have access to drag-and-drop functionality that lets them build reports, change row and column data, and adjust filters easily.

Check out a brief demonstration of what ad-hoc reporting in a browser looks like:

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