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Bookmarking, Exporting & Report Scheduling in arcplan Enterprise


Today I thought we’d touch on a couple of features in arcplan Enterprise that are starting to get a lot of attention.

Our customers don’t just look at their BI dashboards every day – they interact with them. And in some cases, they like to save their filters for later use. So arcplan created a bookmark feature that allows reports and dashboards to be saved (just like you’d save a link in a browser) with all the filters set just the way you like them. And when you pull up the bookmark, you’ll see your report or dashboard refresh with the most updated data.

You can also export your bookmarks to PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF and can even set up one-time or automatic email delivery. Simply select the reports and bookmarks to include, what format you’d like to receive, and set your schedule.

We think that BI in 2012 will be all about self-service – allowing business users to access and analyze data without help from IT. These features go a long way toward easy access and distribution of information for our customers.

Check out this short video to see how these features work:


Webinar Recording: Dashboard Design Tips & More


In case you missed our webinar, More Dash Less Bored, here’s the recording to view at your convenience:


We discussed the wealth of chart types available to you and when to use them, as well as the 10 keys to successful dashboards. Toward the end, we showed a demo of arcplan Enterprise best-practice dashboards with features like:

  • On-demand video help
  • Bookmarking (saving reports with your specified filters)
  • Dashboard export options (to PDF, PPT, or Excel)
  • Dashboard delivery (one-time or recurring email delivery of dashboards)

We had a terrific turn-out for this annual event, and we’d like to thank everyone who attended! Looking forward to next year’s already!


arcplan Customer BI Best Practices: Spotlight on DFS


We have so many best practice customers to spotlight that it’s hard to keep up! This time I’d like to introduce you to Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS), an air traffic control corporation with 5,600 employees in charge of the safe navigation of about three million flights across German airspace. In addition to managing the control towers of 16 international airports in Germany, DFS is also a global provider of consultancy and training services, and develops, markets, and implements air traffic control, tracking, and navigation systems. It’s for this purpose that DFS implemented arcplan in mid-2009 as a decision-support system for the prioritization of sales projects.

What is DFS doing with arcplan Enterprise that makes their solution one to emulate?

1) Their BI solution answers questions.

It may seem simplistic, but really, isn’t business intelligence, first and foremost, about getting your questions answered? In the case of DFS, their primary question was “How do we proactively and systematically develop the market, rather than wait for potential customers to come to us?” This led to a Market & Competitive Intelligence System (MCIS), created with arcplan Enterprise, where all sales and marketing information is stored. DFS employees can now get the answers to any conceivable question, from “What are the planned investments at this particular airport?” to “How many competitors have installations at this airport?” The answers to these questions help staff to prioritize projects so that the ones with the highest probability of closing are at the top of the list.

2) Their BI comes to them.

You may have heard someone say “sure, your BI does take-out, but does it deliver?” Any BI system can crunch numbers and wait for you to come along and get them (take-out). But not all BI is created equal when it comes to data delivery. DFS’ arcplan solution (in fact, any arcplan solution) allows users to schedule the delivery of reports and dashboards, removing the need to run the application or pull up a URL on your browser. Employees on the go – especially road-warrior sales people – need their BI delivered to them at a certain time. You may want a particular report emailed to you every other day at noon – that’s possible with arcplan, and DFS takes advantage of it.

3) The right KPIs improve decision-making.

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Web Pivoting / Ad-Hoc Reporting in arcplan Enterprise


Have you heard the term “ad-hoc reporting” or “ad-hoc query” being thrown around at your organization? If you’re turning corporate data into useful information for decision-making, ad-hoc reporting is a necessity. “Ad-hoc” is latin for “as the occasion arises,” so when you hear ad-hoc reporting, think “on the fly” querying by nontechnical users.

Web Pivoting, simply put, is ad-hoc functionality in a Web broswer. Not only can power users drill into multidimensional data, but regular business users can also find answers to pressing questions in a self-service fashion. arcplan Enterprise users have access to drag-and-drop functionality that lets them build reports, change row and column data, and adjust filters easily.

Check out a brief demonstration of what ad-hoc reporting in a browser looks like:

Have questions or want to know when this will be available in your arcplan Enterprise release? Leave us a comment or send an email to