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Mobile BI Strategy Webinar Recording


In case you missed arcplan’s webinar on May 30th, Developing Your Mobile BI Strategy, here’s the recording to view at your convenience:


In this webinar, we discuss:

  • 5 ways to fail at mobile BI
  • 6 elements your mobile BI strategy must cover
  • A comparison of various deployment options, including Web apps vs. native apps and extranet vs. VPN
  • Real-world security considerations and how to mitigate them

We ended with a demo of arcplan Mobile, our free mobile BI solution. Thanks to everyone who attended, and for those who didn’t, leave us a comment if you’d like to discuss anything you see in the recording.


Mobile BI Strategy Webinar – May 30, 2012


Join arcplan on Wednesday, May 30th @ 2pm Eastern for our free webinar on Developing Your Mobile BI Strategy, presented by our SVP Dwight deVera. This webinar walks decision makers and IT teams through everything they need to consider before deployment.
Mobile BI is still new in the business intelligence world, but the hype is starting to wear off as more success stories come to light. It’s now part of every conversation we have with our customers and potential customers. Mobile BI rollouts are getting more and more aggressive according to Howard Dresner’s Mobile BI Market Study (October 2011). With 68% of respondents saying mobile BI is either “critical” or “very important” to their business, it’s time to lay out some practical advice for deploying it this year.

The latest in our educational webinar series, Developing Your Mobile BI Strategy will walk you through everything decision makers and IT teams need to consider before deployment. We’ll discuss:

  • 5 surefire ways to fail at mobile BI
  • 6 elements your mobile BI strategy needs to cover
  • A comparison of Web vs. native apps
  • Real-world security considerations and how to mitigate them

We’ll also host a live Q&A at the end of the webinar.

You’ll come away from this presentation with everything you need to build your organization’s mobile BI strategy. Join us on May 30th to learn how to get your mobile BI deployment off the ground the right way the first time.

Click here to register!

Hope to see you there.


Responsive Design + Metro Design in Business Intelligence Applications


Recently we have seen a dramatic change when it comes to deciding which screen size to design a new report or dashboard for. It’s always been a struggle for BI app designers to optimize applications to fit to the different sizes of desktop PCs and laptops, but adding mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs to the mix makes it even more complex.

The most natural solution of the past was to design two different views – one for the desktop and one for mobile deployment. But we no longer recommend this approach as the lines between different device categories are blurring.

Netbooks are encroaching on notebook and iPad territory, coming closer to their display capabilities. iPad has initiated a storm of new devices from other vendors with similar screen size. Even worse (from an app design point of view), Internet giant launched its Kindle Fire, whose screen size sits between traditional smartphones and tablet PCs. And now new devices like the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy III by Samsung, whose screen sizes are between the iPhone and the Kindle Fire, have found their own fans.

Although size does matter, screen size is not the sole point to consider when designing BI apps. There’s orientation to consider – which devices are optimized for portrait or landscape orientation – and on top of this, different vendors also offer a wide variety of pixel density – defined by pixels per Inch (PPI). For example, the new iPhone 4S with its Retina Display is able to display more pixels on its 3.5″ display than a decent netbook.

For app designers, it is impossible to create separate reports for every device, especially at organizations where BYOD (bring your own device) is the standard. This would end up being a total nightmare from a maintenance point of view. So what can we do? It’s time for a new and intelligent approach that will allow us to use one app and one report or dashboard layout for all devices.

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Collaborate 12 Oracle Conference Recap


I just returned to Germany after spending last week in Las Vegas for the Collaborate 12 conference. arcplan had a booth at the show, billed as the “Technology & Applications Forum for the Oracle Community,” for the first time in 4 years. We’ve noticed trade shows having a bit of a renaissance and this one – with 6,000 attendees – was no exception. With our strong Oracle customer base and our billing as the most widely-used BI front-end to Oracle Essbase, we thought 2012 was the perfect time to return to Collaborate. And after our great experience at KScope 11, the Oracle Developer Tools User Group Conference last year in Long Beach, we want to participate in more conferences where the attendees are the users and creators of BI applications in their enterprises. Collaborate turned out to be a terrific (re)addition to our lineup.

The conference kicked off with a keynote from Oracle CIO & SVP Mark Sunday on “IT at Oracle: The Art of IT Transformation to Enable Business Growth.” His presentation stressed the importance of simplifying IT, which complements arcplan’s vision and our 2012 tagline: It simply works™. With our focus on reducing infrastructure and helping our customers leverage what they already have, this message really resonated with us.

The rest of the session topics reflected Collaborate’s heterogeneous nature as a melting pot of three different user groups (OAUG, IOUG and Quest)…

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arcplan’s Upcoming Appearances – BARC, Teradata Universe, Collaborate 12, FEI & KScope12


Planning your Spring & Summer trade show schedule? If you’ll be at any of the following events, we’d love to meet up to discuss your business intelligence initiatives for 2012 and beyond. Leave us a comment or email us to plan a time to meet!

BARC Users’ Conference
Würzburg, Germany – April 17-18
Topic: Business Intelligence with SAP
arcplan, the #1 front-end for SAP, is an exhibitor.

Teradata Universe Conference
Dublin, Ireland – April 22-25
Theme: Do More With Your Data
arcplan will be an exhibitor. We’ll show off our support for the Teradata OLAP Connector. Talk to us about building planning applications on top of Teradata!

BARC Business Intelligence Conference
Vienna, Austria – April 24-25
Topic: Reporting & Planning Software
arcplan is a sponsor and exhibitor.

Collaborate 12: Oracle User Group Conference
Las Vegas, NV – April 22-26
arcplan will be in booth #1558. Our SVP Dwight deVera will be presenting 2 sessions: Calculating ROI for BI Projects (Session 585, Tuesday @ 4:30pm) and How to Leverage Oracle OLAP for Mobile BI (Session 547, Thursday @ 8:30am).

Financial Executives International Leadership Summit
Orlando, FL – May 20-22
arcplan will be in booth #123 showing off our budgeting & planning solution, arcplan Edge, and our financial reporting solution, the Executive Briefing Book.

KScope12: Oracle Developer Tools User Group Conference
San Antonio, TX – June 24-28
arcplan will be exhibiting and our SVP Dwight deVera will present Calculating ROI for BI Projects (Session 15, Thursday @ 8:30am).