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What to Expect From Your BI Vendor – A Look Into arcplan’s Implementation Process


One thing that’s not often discussed (but is often wondered about) is what you can expect from your Business Intelligence vendor once you’ve made your choice. BI providers and consulting companies have a wide range of approaches when it comes to supporting their customers as they implement BI applications. Today, we’re giving you a glimpse into one of these approaches (the one we know best) – ours!

Since 1993, arcplan consultants have implemented more than 1,000 separate BI implementations around the world, and we’ve developed a procedure to assess customer requirements and ensure that we meet their needs.

arcplan’s 5-Step Implementation Process is based on extensive communication and interaction with the customer to fully comprehend what they need from their BI system and to enable a solution that is customized to their business. This 5-Step process includes the following phases:

1. Discovery – During this phase, arcplan consultants and the customer define the technical and functional specifications of the solution. What database(s) does the company employ? What reports do they require? Which departments will be involved? And who will use the applications? arcplan experts gather the information and develop a workflow plan and a project schedule. The more information derived, the more efficient the project – saving time and money for the customer, and further ensuring project success.

2. Prototype – During this period, the focus is on the evaluation of the customer’s database environment and system architecture. arcplan consultants set up the database(s) to ensure optimal access so they can create best practice applications that integrate data from one or more databases – relational and multidimensional – even in a single report. A Proof-of-Concept (PoC) offers a first glance of the solution.

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