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“Customization” – A Dirty Word in the BI Software World?


customization-dirty-wordI’ve heard two schools of thought on the subject of whether customization of BI software is a good or bad thing. The first says that customizing a solution essentially leaves you with custom code that requires hours of development, high-priced consultants, and difficulty upgrading in the future. The second says that all BI software is customized to a certain extent, so why not make it exactly what you need and turn your BI solution into a competitive advantage for your company?

You want and need BI software that’s going to solve your problems, connect your data, give you visibility, and yield a decent ROI. Howard Dresner’s 2012 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study revealed that users want a BI solution “that’s going to help them right now…something that is very usable, very intuitive,” and they don’t want to “wait for lengthy projects that are expensive to conclude before they get any value.” You may think the fastest route to this kind of intuitive solution is one that’s out-of-the-box – or purports to be – even if it doesn’t meet your business requirements 100%. It’s the classic “build vs. buy” conundrum.

I have seen some buyers literally cringe at the word “customizable” because of its negative connotations. It’s associated with off-putting outcomes like lengthy implementation times and high costs. But I’d like to debunk the myths about customizable BI solutions and offer some reasons why a configurable solution can actually work to your advantage.

Myth #1: Customization is limited to custom reports.

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