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Does Your Company Need a Business Intelligence Competency Center?


Business Intelligence (BI) enables organizations to efficiently monitor and manage their business activities with the help of analytic applications that leverage an enterprise’s data sources. Selecting the right BI software is only one component of a successful BI implementation. The true challenge lies in bringing the different requirements and approaches of the IT team and the business units together to avoid conflicts of interest, time gaps, and – at the end of the day – project failure. So, how do you begin to approach this enormous task in a practical way?

For years, Gartner has been promoting the idea of what they call a ‘Business Intelligence Competency Center’ (BICC) – an internal, dedicated team that develops and bundles resources to successfully deploy business intelligence.

In more detail, a BICC is described as a cross-functional organizational team that has defined tasks, roles, responsibilities, and processes for supporting and promoting the effective use of BI across an organization. According to Gartner, the BICC should role out BI technologies, define the company standards and project priorities, and ensure that the BI that’s deployed is aligned with the business needs.

BICCs are still not in place at many organizations, and we’e seen a wide range of variances in the composition of BICCs. Nevertheless, the concept has spurred the creation of business units that concentrate on ensuring the usage of relevant information for decision-making provided by BI software and on increasing the return on investment (ROI) of BI.

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