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A CFO Takes the Reins on Business Intelligence Strategy


So, it’s one of those days where we’re up to a bit of bragging! SearchCIO just published an article on our client, Japs-Olson, a mid-market commercial print vendor in Minnesota. Their CFO, Gary Petrangelo, took charge of the company’s business intelligence strategy and choose arcplan in October 2010. We’ve been working with them to create dashboards that track critical KPIs and financial metrics – dashboards that have saved the company time, money, and reams of paper.

Petrangelo said arcplan has “bent over backwards” to tie into Jap-Olson’s data to create customized reports, an initial challenge, ultimately tapping into a SQL Server production database that also held transactional data. He believes his investment in arcplan will yield big dividends.

“I spent the last week and a half generating a multitude of different reports, trying to get to the bottom of a category that looked off compared to last year. I just kept thinking, ‘Oh, I wish we had all these reports set up in arcplan so that we could have generated this report at a push of a button,” he said. The $600,000 discrepancy was finally tracked down to certain transactions that were coded properly but being pushed into the wrong general ledgers. With arcplan?

“It would have saved probably a week of my time, plus staff time, and that of the production manager,” he said.

The author notes that more and more business usersĀ  and executives are calling the shots when it comes to business intelligence. They’re not sitting back and waiting for IT to make the decision. Just underscores the need for more user-friendly BI software and vendors that can work with clients to create what they need from their BI — without the need for IT.

Check out the full article here.