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arcplan Customer BI Best Practices: Spotlight on Delkeskamp


From time to time, we’d like to introduce you to one of our customers’ best practice BI solutions, created of course with arcplan software. Today’s we’re putting the spotlight on Delkeskamp, a German corrugated board manufacturer. Their arcplan-based BI solution integrates data from multiple sources and brings transparency to their production costs — showing them where and when to take action to reduce costs in certain areas. These are 2 best practices any organization implementing business intelligence can benefit from. Okay, maybe we all can’t relate to production costs, but what about cost of sale or cost to obtain a new customer?

Let’s take a look at Delkeskamp’s BI solution.

The Requirements

With more than 30,000 individual production orders per year, managing Delkeskamp’s supply chain depends on an efficient business intelligence system that can process large amounts of data related to those orders and provide management with complete information. Managers need to be able to look at the company‚Äôs production by location, product line, supplier, and customer in depth and over time. In addition, the company’s divisions run different ERP systems that need to be integrated by their BI tool. One of those systems also houses financial data, and there’s yet another system that records and stores data from production machines. Having all of that data available for reports and analyses would certainly help the company make more informed decisions, cut costs, and boost efficiency.

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