Legal Conditions

arc|ademy BI Challenge 2014 is a global competition for college / university students completeing their bachelor´s or master´s degree in computer science or economic science and creating webbased analytic applications with arcplan Enterprise 8 while studying or within a course-related internship.

Students can submit entries as individuals or in teams consisting of up to six persons being directly involved in the project. Participants have to be enrolled students on March 01, 2014 and need to register via the arcplan website. The prize money of 5.000 € each will be awarded by independent decision of the jury in the categories Innovation, Fast Mover, and Business Excellence.

No Recourse to Legal Action.

Submissions can only be made online. We only accept submissions made by the copyright owner. With submission the participant confirms that he is the author of the submitted contribution. If several persons are authors of the submission, a written authorization of all persons holding the copyright or any intellectual property has to be added. Submissions without that confirmation wil not be considered.

arcplan will assume no liability for technical problems during the electronic transfer or server failures that prohibit a data transfer on time. We recommend an early transmittal of submissions.

Due date: Deadline is October 31, 24.00h.

Winner: The winning project is the project receiving the majority of the jury votes in the respective category. A project might be evaluated in all categories but it can only be the winner in one category. In case a submission gets the majority of votes, the jury will assign the award category. The number and the allocation of votes will not be published. Furthermore the emittent of a submission has no claim on this information.

If several cases have the same number of votes, the prize money will be given to the submitters in equal shares. If the submissions do not meet the jury´s expectations regarding a category, the jury can reject to award the prize in this category. A claim for the prize money does not apply.

According to §28 of the German Bundesdatenschutzgesetz arcplan indicates that we safe the award registrants` data in a file and processes it automatically.

All participants are liable to observe and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy statement of arcplan (

Rights of utilization: With submission the sender grants arcplan an unlimited right of utilization of the submitted documents and files for purposes of publication and duplication.

As far as participants want to secure algorithms, formulas and process logic of submitted documents, publication of formulas and objects in arcplan documents can be excluded by a genuinely signed lock flag.

Please click here to download the legal regulations in pdf format (Adobe Reader required).