Participation conditions

Your creativity and focus count in arc|ademy BI Challenge 2014. You can apply with a management cockpit, web-based dashboards and reports, balanced scorecards or other analytical and planning solutions that focus on business challenges and that are prototyped using arcplan Enterprise 8. Simply complete your project between March 1, 2014 and October 31, 2014 while you are studying or within a course-related internship.

Students can submit entries as individuals or in teams consisting of up to six persons being directly involved in the project. Participants have to be enrolled students on March 01, 2014 and need to register via the arcplan website. Please apply in English or German.  

Your solution will be reviewed in the following categories:

Innovation: We will award an application that is especially innovative with regard to visualization, methodology or technical design.

Fast Mover: We will award an application that was used in practice or could be put into practice very quickly.

Business Excellence: We will award an application that is especially suitable to improve the quality of business decisions.

All applications will be evaluated by a jury of arcplan customers, market analysts, media representatives, and arcplan management team members. In each category the best application is awarded € 5,000 ($6,600 USD). Participants or teams can only be awarded in one category.

You can apply with a presentation in Power Point or pdf format or with arcplan documents incl. the respective database. The database shall not include confidential data and the size of the application should not exceed 10MB. Applying with a ppt presentation students will have to allow part-time live access to a test system. Furthermore participants will have to submit the following information:

  • Persons involved in the project – contact data and enrollment details as of March 01, 2014.
  • Meaningful screenshots with a corresponding description (maximum 50 words per screenshot).
  • Type and scope of the applicaiton – a short description of maximum 500 words.
  • Details regarding the study-related context in which the application was created, e. g.  internship, bachelor´s or master´s thesis.

You can download the necessary software arcplan 8 as a 30-Days „Free Trial Edition“ at arcplan will provide comprehensive test licenses or prolongations. Participants may send a short request to arcademyTeam(at) to receive it.

The deadline for submission is October 31, 2014 at 24:00 h. All submissions have to be made electronically to arcademyTeam(at) Submissions coming to arcplan other than this will not be considered. Winners will be appointed by the arcplan jury and will be notified by December 15, 2014. There is no recourse to legal action.