arc|twenty starts Tuesday Oct. 1, 2013 at 9am CEST and ends on Wednesday Oct. 2, 2013 around 4pm CEST.

Our customers are the stars at arc|twenty!

Learn how arcplan has supported more efficient management of their business processes:

Customer Highlights

Beiersdorf Shared Services GmbH

Resource Planning in the Context of Integrated Innovation Management at Beiersdorf

BNI Bank Negara Indonesia

Business Intelligence Strategies at Bank Negara Indonesia

Deichmann SE

The arcplan-powered COIS (Controlling Information System) at Deichmann

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

A Look at the Roche Finance Info System with arcplan Enterprise

Genossenschaft Migros Aare

arcplan Enterprise in the Retail Industry: From a Heterogenous Landscape to a Consolidated Business Information System

Gruner + Jahr AG

Efficient Financial and Controlling Organization Thanks to Optimized and Flexible Reporting – A Recipe for Success 

HEAG Holding AG

Investment Management @ HEAG Holding AG

Lanxess AG

Lanxess' Use of arcplan

Lufthansa AG

arcplan – One to Many at Lufthansa AG

OBI Smart Technologies GmbH

Experiences with an arcplan Edge Launch @ Obi


Outokumpu Nirosta GmbH

How Business Intelligence Enables Outokumpu to Accelerate Decision-Making in a Post-Merger Situation (Spend Reporting with arcplan 8 and SAP HANA – Live)

Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG

arcplan with Microsoft SQL and IBM Cognos TM1 - Daily Use at Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG

Riemser Pharma GmbH

arcplan and IBM Cognos TM1 – Reporting @ RIEMSER


arcplan Enterprise as an MIS Platform in an IBM Cognos Controller Environment at Solera Group

Wirtgen GmbH

Optimized Production Reporting at Wirtgen - arcplan and SAP


Our Partner Highlights at arc|twenty!

Partner Highlights

Addedo AG

Best-of-Breed-Approach for Successful Data Usage with IBM Cognos Controller and TM1 with Interactive, Mobile Access via arcplan Enterprise

Informations-Systeme GmbH

Experiences with antares' arcplan-Powered Solutions


Significant Production Reporting Best Practices: arcplan and SAP


Hichert SUCCESS Meets arcplan Enterprise

Partake Consulting
Germany GmbH

arcplan Edge – Workflow, Modeling & Best Practices

Selbach Information
Systems GmbH

User-Centered Design Processes for Interactive Applications

Synaxus GmbH

sxTrace: The Analysis and Documentation Tool for arcplan

Teradata GmbH

The visionary CFO’s have changed behavior when enhancing their analytical capabilities in a cost efficient manner. Focus is no longer solely on output, but instead on establishing a common platform for analytics! - Today the most visionary CFO departments are developing a Finance Foundation consisting of granular financial and non-financial data. - The Finance Foundation supports all types of analyses, reporting, planning and forecasting activities based on a common set of data, definitions and calculations.
Learn about best practice and how two global and complex organizations developed a Finance Foundation


Analyst Highlights

Analyst Highlights

Meta-trends in Mobile, Social & Self-Service - Note Today/Prepare for Tomorrow

New applications, products, and "disruptive" technologies in the BI market are headaches for IT departments and CIOs. They often require new spending and training, which takes time and resources. For these trends to work for your organization, you need additional expertise in product selection, in information design and in the development of BI architectures, but that's hard to find in consultants these days. Industry and BI managers are therefore all the more responsible for dealing with the coming metatrends. An analyst from BARC will discuss these trends and how you can prepare your organization for their impacts.     

Tobias Riedner, BARC


arcplan Highlights

arcplan Highlights

Keynote on arcplan's Strategy from our CEO, Roland Hölscher

arcplan 8 –
Design Once, Run Anywhere

Business Analytics On All Devices With Little Effort

- Responsive Design – Why it's the best way to develop PC and mobile BI

- HTML5 – State-of-the-art technology to deploy flexible apps

- Collaboration & Self-Service – How they're built into the new arcplan release


Hans Peter Wolff, arcplan

Self-Service BI

How self-service BI is replacing labor-intensive IT systems and creating future-proof, adapatable information solutions 
Lars Semmler, arcplan

arcplan Edge

Trends and best practices for modern business planning

Lars Riemer, Senior Project Manager, Horváth & Partners Management Consultants and Ekrem Namazci, arcplan

Moderne Dashboards in Theory and in Practice

A guide to designing efficient BI dashboards

Achim Röhe, arcplan

Responsive Design

A discussion of the principles of this new design concept, which enables applications to dynamically adjust themselves based on the end user's screen size, resolution and orientation

Stefan Spittank, arcplan

Round Tables on these topics

- arcplan & SAP

- arcplan Tech Talk

- arcplan Business View: The Value of Information

- 20 Years in BI: A Look Back at Highlights from Customers, Partners & Employees