arcplan 8 provides companies with an important basis for decision-making in critical business processes, and is vital for assessing crucial business data. Our software enables a comprehensible and consistent presentation of all relevant information – quickly and reliably. 

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arcplan is the first software vendor globally to have received the renowned HICHERT®IBCS seal of quality from BARC.

User benefits of certified software

BARC’s HICHERT®IBCS certification goes beyond simply assessing the functionality of an application. It further assesses the ability to offer data transparency and structure, which in turn provides consistency across all business communication, and confidence for decision-making. A BI solution must address three major points:

  • communicating messages correctly,
  • standardizing meanings of all elements
  • summarizing information correctly.

“The first HICHERT@IBCS certification presented quite a positive surprise, even good reasons for enthusiasm for the certification team. With the help of six templates arcplan impressively proved that arcplan 8 meets the visual charting design requirements to the fullest extent. The testing for user friendliness conducted by BARC also showed positive results. I personally wish arcplan all the best for upcoming ambitious customer projects realized by corresponding to HICHERT®IBCS rules.”

Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert, President IBCS Association and Founder & Managing Director of Hichert + Faisst GmbH

Verified functionality ensures security

Our certified software arcplan 8 is the ideal environment in which to design and distribute tailored BI solutions. Companies around the world have already chosen arcplan for the fast development and distribution of tailor-made reporting and analysis solutions without compromises.

Hichert Charts with arcplan

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arcplan extended chart arcplan chart with stacked bars sorted by regions in a two-level hierarchy. arcplan vertical waterfall