The New Look of arcplan 7.5: Motion Charts and Simplified Analysis

  • The latest version of the well-known business intelligence platform is now even more user-friendly
  • BI trends and innovative solutions will be highlighted at arc|planet, October 30-31

Berwyn, PA/Langenfeld, Germany, October 24, 2012 – arcplan Enterprise, one of the most successful business intelligence (BI) platforms on the market, is taking the next step forward with version 7.5. arcplan, a leading provider of innovative business intelligence (BI) and planning software solutions, today announced the release of version 7.5 of its flagship BI platform arcplan providing numerous additional functions that optimize analysis and simplify the process of rapidly interpreting data in highly sophisticated graphical environments.

arcplan 7.5 is the latest version of the multiple award-winning BI and planning platform for businesses that need to integrate data from a variety of sources – from ERP systems to OLAP sources to relational databases – in reports, dashboards, scorecards, ad-hoc analyses and forecasts. It is known for its low total cost of ownership (TCO) and lightweight architecture that works with an organization’s existing BI infrastructure.

arcplan Enterprise, the core of the platform, provides flexible, cost-effective business intelligence that can be fully configured to the specific needs of organizations, large and small, in any industry. An important new function of version 7.5 is "motion charts," which enables charts to be animated according to a dimension (for example, time). A motion chart provides users with a quick visual representation of changes in key figures over time, making future outcomes easier to predict and supporting better management decisions. arcplan 7.5 can also now also bundle associated objects into groups. This provides users with the means to modify the properties, such as position or formatting, of several objects at once, saving time and effort. 

arcplan's budgeting and planning solution arcplan Edge has also been enhanced for version 7.5. The new features include a revised workflow module, new simulation methods such as Monte Carlo simulations, a KPI Designer that enables users to create their own roll-up calculations, and improved application migration.

Another new highlight of arcplan 7.5 is within arcplan Engage, arcplan's collaborative BI solution, which now features "Live Screenshots." This functionality enables widgets to display real time data. More precisely, users can place individual sections of arcplan applications (charts from dashboards, for example) on their BI wall (a digital pinboard of favorites), which will be updated in real time. Another new feature allows users to add MediaWiki systems to arcplan Engage. MediaWiki powers Wikipedia and is one of the most frequently used knowledge database systems in the world.

Also part of the version 7.5 update, the Ad-hoc analysis application arcplan Spotlight now allows users to customize database hierarchies, dimensions and values so they only see the content in a database that is of relevance to them for their analysis. Added to this is the ability to create and save subsets of dimensions, further enabling users to have a flexible and relevant view of data to suit their needs.

arcplan Excel Analytics, which enables users to perform ad-hoc analyses in Microsoft Excel, now includes an application browser. This enables underlying arcplan applications to be opened in separate windows and relevant information to be copied to Excel by drag-and-drop. This simplifies the process of linking both systems in day-to-day work and helps arcplan users save time and effort.

"The extensive enhancement of arcplan 7.5's functionality underlines why users consider arcplan the most innovative BI provider," said arcplan CTO Hans Peter Wolff. "We strive to make our BI software work simply and easily for users of all skill levels." arcplan was ranked #1 for Innovation in this year's BI Survey 12, the largest survey of BI users in the world. Interested parties can obtain more information about the results of this survey on the arcplan website.

German-speaking arcplan users will get a closer look at arcplan 7.5 and learn about the latest BI trends and topics at arc|planet 2012, the annual arcplan users' conference in Germany. On Tuesday October 30th and Wednesday, October 31st, participants will be discover the competitive and investment benefits that can be derived from implementing BI and planning solutions from arcplan. More than 200 users, experts, and arcplan partners will learn from each other at the ParkInn Hotel in Düsseldorf/Kaarst.

"The theme of arc|planet 2012 is 'it simply works.'" said Wolff. "The same applies to arcplan 7.5. As the challenges facing modern businesses grow more complicated, they need a powerful yet easy to use BI platform such as arcplan more than ever."

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About arcplan
arcplan is a leader in innovative Business Intelligence, Dashboard, Corporate Performance and Planning software solutions for desktop and mobile use.  Since 1993, arcplan has enabled more than 3,000 customers worldwide to leverage their existing infrastructure for better decision making. Empowering all users to connect and collaborate with relevant information is crucial for improving business performance. With arcplan – it simply works.

arcplan's flagship product arcplan Enterprise® was rated the #1 3rd party tool for SAP BW, Oracle Essbase, and IBM Cognos TM1 in The BI Survey 12 (2012).

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