Business Analytics To Go: arcplan 8 Guarantees Unparalleled Mobility

  • New version of arcplan's popular Business Analytics solution focuses on Responsive Design with HTML5
  • Will be featured at arc|twenty, arcplan's 20th anniversary customer and partner conference in October

Langenfeld, Germany / Wayne, PA  September 24, 2013 – arcplan 8 launches on September 26 amid the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets in the workplace and the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend. As mobile BI moves from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have, innovative business intelligence software provider arcplan is poised to release the newest version of its Business Analytics suite, with an HTML5 client that enables Responsive Design so customers can implement their mobile BI strategy as economically and effectively as possible. 

arcplan 8 – previously codenamed Xenon – offers more flexibility for users and developers alike. With an HTML5 backbone and Responsive Design as the underlying concept, arcplan has developed a solution that automatically adapts to the user's device and optimizes the user interface for any screen size or orientation. In addition, arcplan's return on investment is more concrete than ever: arcplan 8 delivers an up to 70% decrease in BI app development and maintenance costs.

Design Once, Run Anywhere
arcplan 8 has been designed with the "Design Once, Run Anywhere" (DORA) paradigm in mind. DORA enables developers to design reporting and planning solutions for any device or operating system with little effort. Today's "screen size dilemma" leaves developers facing an ever-growing number of desktop and mobile devices with various sizes and pixel resolutions. This challenge is solved with DORA. Within arcplan's drag-and-drop development environment, application designers are able to create and adjust dashboard components to create a responsive user interface that supports various devices in one single application. 

Usability meets cost control
According to Gartner, among CEOs and CFOs – heavy users of mobile devices – BI is the most popular application after e-mail. To date, providing user friendly, yet easy to maintain mobile BI has been a major challenge for organizations. An app that works well on a tablet in landscape mode is not usable on a smartphone in portrait. BI app designers struggled to create separate reports and dashboards for every device, especially at companies where BYOD is allowed. With arcplan 8's built-in Responsive Design, BI teams can offer users the best experience no matter what device they use, ultimately leading to greater BI adoption at a huge savings since separate apps for every device are no longer necessary.

Self-Service Analytics, Collaboration, and CPM
The arcplan 8 suite includes enhancements to arcplan's guided analytics, planning, ad-hoc and collaboration solutions in addition to the mobile capabilities. arcplan 8 continues to support self-service analytics with improvements to its arcplan Spotlight and arcplan Excel Analytics offerings. Additional collaboration functions include a central start page where users can easily access all of their BI applications and even a search function that makes it easy to locate and access relevant content quickly. And the budgeting and planning solution arcplan Edge comes with a completely new user interface in arcplan 8, also supporting the new HTML5 client, which enables companies to deploy Corporate Performance Management solutions (CPM) on mobile device by marrying workflow, data entry and collaboration with the freedom of mobility. 

"Mobility is a top priority for decision makers at all levels, and business analytics solutions have to keep pace," said arcplan CEO Roland Hölscher. "By employing arcplan 8 and its underlying Responsive Design concept, companies benefit from dynamic, interactive, and flexible BI and CPM solutions that can be used anywhere, anytime. With arcplan 8, we aim to remove the barriers to limitless business insight."

At a glance: arcplan 8 at arc|twenty
arcplan 8 will be available on September 26, 2013. Customers, partners, and others interested in arcplan 8 and BI industry developments and trends are invited to join arcplan's 20th anniversary customer and partner conference arc|twenty. The event takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany on October 1st and 2nd. 

Attendees will hear from international analysts and companies such as BARC, BNI, Deichmann, Ernst & Young, Lufthansa, Roche, and KPMG about industry topics such as Mobile BI, Self-Service BI, Collaboration and Controlling. Further information on arc|twenty can be found here:

About arcplan
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