Targeted information results in higher sales turnover for DFS

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, a state-owned corporation with 5,600 employees, is in charge of the safe navigation of about three million flights across German airspace.

The company operates control centers at Langen (Frankfurt), Bremen, Karlsruhe, and Munich and the control towers at 16 international airports in Germany. DFS is also a global provider of consultancy and training services, and develops, markets, and implements air traffic control, tracking, and navigation systems. The organization needed a BI solution that would provide

  • a streamlined, shared information platform for marketing and sales, and
  • a structured proactive approach to acquisition and purchasing . 

"arcplan Enterprise allows us to tackle sales projects in a proactive way. The information managers need is presented in a way that makes it easier to decide whether or not to allocate resources to a project. All information is available to our staff anywhere in the world, and all opportunities can be managed from a central point."

Stefan Lentz, Head of Aeronautical Solutions

The MCIS Market & Competitive Intelligence System based on arcplan Enterprise provides the company with

  • centralized, streamlined provision of information on markets, opportunities, and competitors,
  • comprehensive data pool structured by regions and products, and 
  • prioritizing and quantification of projects on a global scale. 

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