MIS and Reporting give Wings to InterSky´s Business

Up in the air since 2002 it is the low-fare airline InterSky´s objective to keep the extremely successful track and manage the challenges of competition. In order to do so the company implemented a Management Information System (MIS) that delivers

  • purposeful, current, and detailed sales data,
  • multilayered, individual, and meaningful reports as well as
  • qualitatively better information for analysis and competitor information.

"Using a data warehouse and management information system (MIS) with arcplan, we obtain information quickly, more accurately and gain valuable insight about our business management and key financial data. we can make better decisions based on validated data. Additionally, we are now able to access different corporate data centrally. We have drastically decreased the time it takes to execute many processes and steps in our airline operation since the introduction of the new solution."
Claus Bernatzik, Managing Director

 The arcplan Enterprise-based solution

  • improves the ability to change pricing, scheduling, etc. to optimize revenue day to day.
  • reduces costs of generating and sharing actionable information throughout the enterprise.
  • improves the ability to understand seasonal trends by route, type of traveler, etc.
  • creates a more empowered work organization.

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