EnBW - Effective Control through an efficient Reporting Process

The larger the company, the more versatile and complex KPIs and metrics can become. Therefore it is most important that everybody is on the same page. Fundamental to this process is having a consistent data base and a standardized and approved reporting process.

At EnBW, Germany´s third largest energy provider, a heterogeneous IT environment with about 120 business units has emerged from numerous mergers, and all units contribute input to the external corporate reporting system. Originally the teams made use of SAP FI-LC representing a simple yet appropriate solution. In parallel some data was transferred to Hyperion Enterprise for management consolidation. Due to increasing information demand across the organization and SAP end-of-line for FI-LC, EnBW made the decision to replace the existing IT landscape for a new and robust solution that would meet their growing requirements including:

  • Standardized KPI development and consolidation to enhance reporting process
  • Formatted comments to ensure communucation across the different business units
  • Comprehensive overview regarding all financial activities for senior management
  • Real-time collaborative reporting and analysis environment

“An efficient reporting process does not excel by discussing where data comes from or whether it is correct but it excels through its validity and impact on decisions that affect the future and well-being of the company and its employees.”
Joachim Fies, Team Leader BIS/BCS Betreuung und Entwicklung, Planung und Reporting

Data consistency enables standardized Reporting based on arcplan Enterprise

Today the new reporting solution BISmARK (Business Intelligence System – management tool for Analysis Reporting and Commentary) is used by 350 executives and business users. With BISmARK a multitude of information is processed and commented in a standardized fashion each month. The arcplan Enterprise based solution provides the following:

  • Consistent reporting including process support
  • Integration of actual versus plan data
  • Better support of crucial processes through the different departments

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