OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH manages Supply Chain with the help of arcplan Enterprise

OMV based in Austria is a leading integrated oil and gas group in Central and Eastern Europe. The group has been assigned a top credit rating by agencies such as Moody’s and Fitch who also praise its clear strategy focused on growth, especially in the distinct business divisions of refining and marketing. OMV Refining & Marketing is the market leader in the Danube region, a growth market with more than 100 million inhabitants in 13 countries. Through the acquisition of the Romanian oil company Petrom, the division was able to achieve its target of a 20% market share set for 2008 two years earlier, in 2006. Every day, 800,000 people purchase their fuel at 2,540 OMV petrol stations.

The refining industry has one of the most complex supply chains starting with the natural resource and continuing through to the consumer. OMV’s integrated supply chain reflects these complex business requirements. At every point along the supply chain, managers need

  • up-to-date information in order to adjust their supply, processing, logistics and sales processes to the ever changing market situations. 

A centralized reporting system for decision-makers in the Refining & Marketing division is therefore a key requirement for the successful strategic and operative management of the business. 

"Given the complexity of our business requirements, the deployment of a seamless reporting system proved to be a challenge for IT firms. With arcplan Enterprise, we have been able to implement a web-enabled and upgradable frontend environment aimed at meeting the management's information needs regarding the processes along our supply chain."
Klaus P. Kirnbauer, Head of Supply Chain Development, OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH

The arcplan-based solution provides 180 executives and business users with

  • user-specific, Web-based front-end reporting
  • access to all data sources
  • significant cost savings

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