The corrugated board specialist Delkeskamp relies on arcplan BI solution

Delkeskamp, a family company established in 1896, has over many decades refined the art of producing corrugated board. Last year, the well-established company based in Nortrup, Germany produced around 150 square kilometers of corrugated board, which corresponds to the area of a medium-sized town. Although we are all familiar with this practical material, there is more behind it than just a few sheets of paper and cardboard, as two layers of board must be combined with micro, fine, medium or even multiple-layer flutes in the middle. The company currently employs 650 workers. The organization needed a BI solution that would provide

  • a streamlined, shared information solution for finance, production, logistics, and customer performance,
  • analyses on contribution margins, turnover/sales, product portfolio, customer satisfaction, post-calculation and lot size/stock rotation. 

"We'll perform better in two important ways with arcplan.  First, we'll save money by producing meaningful analytical information within the shortest  time without going about it in a roundabout way and second, the system is intuitive so we are well prepared for any changes in personnel and do not need to resort to costly training.”

Christian Rocholl, Head of Supply Chain Management and Logistics

The BI system based on arcplan Enterprise provides the company with

  • information on main cost drivers including, opportunities, and competitors, including
  • analyses and optimization proposals. 

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