"More from wood." These words are not just a slogan for EGGER; they also represent the motivation and dedication behind the leading brand in Europe for wood-based work and lifestyle solutions. This full-range supplier of solid wood and laminate materials for construction, flooring, and furniture has an enthusiastic customer base in over 150 countries and more than 6,500 employees. Turbulence in raw material prices make sound planning a fundamental requirement. EGGER needed a BI solution that would provide

  • earnings reports and CM accounting to the management,
  • client plannung (volume, price, CM) to sales,
  • production capacity planning to produciton,
  • production volume flow, internal volume flow between individual plants, highlighting bottlenecks and/or free capacities to logistics,
  • cost center planning, HR costs, maintenance, intra-group cost allocation to financial analysts,
  • employee (FTE) planning to HR, and
  • purchase prices and volumes to sourcing. 

"In times of incredible market volatility, it is enormously important to stay on top of potential issues that can affect your company's fututre. Management decisions need to look forward rather than back. EGGER's rolling planning process helps us maintain a future-oriented perspective. This means that our solution is much more than just a planning tool for us. It has become the basis for making all kinds of decisions.”

Dr. Thomas Leissing, CFO and Group Management Spokesman at the EGGER Group

The planning solution based on arcplan provides the company with

  • fast, business critical information that is more current,
  • higher quality planning and decision making,
  • a simpler, more efficient planning process, and
  • technical integraton of all sub-areas.

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