Finance Team Delivers Guided Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Solution

AmerisourceBergen, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical services companies, continuously improves operational efficiencies and expands its offerings and programs in response to changing market conditions such as the aging population, increased availability and the use of generic pharmaceuticals and new drug therapies. In order to succeed in such a complex and demanding market, global decision-makers must closely manage revenue and expense budgets and the finance team at headquarters must be able to move swiftly to respond to requests for financial information from all areas of the organization.

AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation (ABDC) is the largest business of this $71B company. ABDC’s Finance team rolled out arcplan Edge to improve the corporation’s Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting process and drive better operational and financial performance through greater efficiency and giving better intelligence to budget owners regarding performance.

arcplan Edge® Provides Efficiency and Control

Since arcplan Edge is also Excel based, users can easily model scenarios by completing their formulas directly into the data input sheet. arcplan Edge then sends budget data to Oracle Essbase, which is the database that calculates and rolls up the budget in the background. This makes it easy to work with a large amount of data at once.

arcplan Edge keeps tight budget timelines on track and allows Finance to be proactive. The application start page shows budget owners and finance team members open tasks, owners and due dates. They get messages from the system, such as that the budget is now open, with a link that takes them directly to their section of work. The company uses flags to manage work flow start and completion, which enables the finance team to start analyzing budget data when it’s submitted, rather than having to wait for the deadline.

“We had a tremendous response to the initial roll out so we knew we were already having a great impact on the efficiency and leadership of the finance team – as well as improved ability to administer the budget for the budget owners. It didn’t take long for us to decide to use Edge for Forecasting and reporting, too. We love the product.”
William Conklin, Finance & Value Realization Lead

Benefits for AmerisourceBergen:

  • Reduced cost and time as manual processes to compile spreadsheets, correct data inaccuracies and inconsistencies, track budget status and create reports have been eliminated
  • Full-featured budgeting templates guide budget owners through data entry and what-if scenarios and simplify submission process
  • Finance team ownership of the application results in cost reductions and rapid deployment of modifications
  • Ability to better manage performance throughout the organization using customized daily, weekly, and monthly online reports

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arcplan Edge in action