Customers Using arcplan Achieve Goals and Business Benefits, According to BI Survey 7

  • Achievement of business goals: arcplan ranked first among 18 products
  • In Business Benefits Index, arcplan is in fourth place
  • With license costs lower than average, arcplan offers exceptional value for money

Langenfeld, Germany. March 27, 2008 – arcplan, a global provider of enterprise performance management solutions, has earned high rankings in the ‘Goal Achievement’ and ‘Business Benefits’ sections of The BI Survey 7 (previously known as The OLAP Survey). In the first section, more than 1800 global respondents to the study answered questions regarding the extent to which they had met their business goals with the BI product they had implemented. Here, arcplan is ranked first, ahead of 17 other products with large enough samples to be analyzed. In the Business Benefits Index (BBI), where users rate their solution against nine business benefits, arcplan was in fourth place overall. With its license fees being ranked lower than the average, arcplan Enterprise also represents a sound investment and excellent value for money.

Achieving Goals: arcplan Ranked First with almost Double the Average
The BI Survey 7 (, published by the Business Application Research Center (BARC), is recognized as being the most comprehensive independent study in the BI and corporate performance fields. The study asked users to what extent the project they had implemented had achieved the business goals originally set. The choice of responses ranged from “not met goals at all – project abandoned” to “exceeded goals.” Overall, 26.7 per cent of projects met or exceeded the goals originally set, but with arcplan this figure rose to almost 50 per cent. When the score for “largely met goals” is included, arcplan scores 91.1 per cent (see Figure 52 below). The ranking in first place is a clear endorsement of arcplan’s product strategy, which is to develop solutions that focus the analysis effort on business processes rather than on the data underpinning them. This approach is more closely attuned to the heart of the business – its processes – and therefore generates value much faster.

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arcplan: Ensuring Tangible Business Benefits
The BI Survey 7 asked respondents to rate the solution they had implemented against eight named business benefits plus a potential “other” benefit, not included in the list, which customers could nominate. The benefits include headcount reduction, IT and non-IT cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and others. The scores attributed to each of the nine benefits are calculated to produce a weighted aggregate score that the Survey defines as the Business Benefits Index (BBI). arcplan was ranked fourth overall in the BBI (see Figure 60 below) with especially good scores on improved customer satisfaction and non-IT cost savings (which does not include headcount reduction).

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Proven Cost-Effectiveness
“Taken together with arcplan’s lower-than-average license fees, our high scores on both the achievement of goals and of business benefits is concrete proof that our flagship arcplan Enterprise offers exceptional value for money,” said Guenter H. Krauss, CEO of arcplan. “We’re delighted that our ongoing commitment to meeting our customers’ needs and aligning our development strategy with their requirements has been highlighted in this independent and influential report.”

As previously announced, arcplan was also cited in The BI Survey 7 as being the most widely-used third-party front-end solution in SAP BW and SAP BI environments as well as on Applix (now Cognos) TM1 OLAP servers. In addition, the Survey noted that arcplan customers access a wider range of data sources than with any other client tool. These include relational databases, Microsoft AS, Essbase, SAP R/3, SAP BW and BI, IBM OLAP Acceleration, Hyperion Enterprise and FM, and Infor/MIS Alea. The Survey also highlighted arcplan’s unique ability to access Hyperion financial applications as well as five OLAP servers.

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About arcplan

arcplan is an established independent business intelligence solution provider delivering timely, contextual and actionable information that empowers businesses to improve business perfor-mance while leveraging existing infrastructure. Since 1993, arcplan has enabled more than 2,800 customers worldwide to achieve organizational efficiency through the powerful combina-tion of information and analysis proving beneficial to the bottom line. Get more information at

arcplan’s flagship product arcplan Enterprise® was rated the #1 3rd party tool for SAP BW, Essbase, and TM1 in The BI Survey 9 (2010).

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