Europe and Soccer Fever – Game Intelligence or Business Intelligence?

arcplan compares modern BI solutions to world-class soccer

Langenfeld, Germany/Berwyn, PA – May 30, 2012 – Modern business intelligence (BI) solutions and soccer – what do they have in common? At first glance perhaps not very much, but anyone who takes a closer look will quickly realize that the tactics and game-play of the world’s best-loved team sport share a number of common traits with BI. During the preparations for the European Championship in Poland and the Ukraine, international BI provider arcplan did a comparison and discovered that game intelligence and business intelligence are not at all dissimilar. Some game analysis helps explain why.

Flexible game structure

Flexibility is the magic word. A BI solution worth its salt should offer users the ability to adjust the application design according to changing circumstances and requirements – just like in soccer, where the teams must react quickly to the changing situation in the game. Switching quickly from attack to defense and back to attack and changing player positions around during the game are just two examples of creative solutions that enable teams to dictate and influence the course of a game. In BI, flexible adaptation should be just as swift – for example, when modifying a desktop solution to work on mobile devices. Like a team takes charge of its opponent in soccer, a flexible BI solution enables organizations to seize and control changing markets in real time.

Quick reaction time

Just as soccer players train hard to be fast and agile on the field, modern BI solutions are designed for swift development, rapid performance, and quick modification. Reacting promptly to user requirements with minimal effort is a strength of business intelligence platforms like arcplan. Both BI solutions and the team on the pitch are really only successful if they harness both speed and flexibility and use them in a focused way.

Adaptable system

Variable game systems are another feature of first-rate soccer. Whether it’s 4-3-3, 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 – on the field it’s all about the right tactics and sizing up your opponent. The keyword is “variability.” There are teams that always play in the same system and are thoroughly successful doing so. Yet excellence and innovation are only achieved when a team is able to vary the system during the course of the game and puts itself in a position to react to changing circumstances. What works on the pitch is no different when it comes to BI: excellent BI solutions draw on a variety of databases and deliver user-friendly analysis of all enterprise data, whether in reports, dashboards, mobile, or ad-hoc environments. No matter what solution is needed, world-class BI delivers.

Clear moves

Reach the opponent’s goal and score in no more than three to five moves? The German team managed it exceptionally well at the last World Cup in matches against Argentina and England. Straight and direct, the German players stormed up the field to land the ball in the net. Modern soccer need not be complicated – quite the opposite in fact. Take FC Barcelona’s tiki-taka game for example: due to the variety of passes, the team’s attack appears complicated. However in reality, the tactic is clearly defined and structured – it’s almost textbook. Simplicity is the name of the game in BI solutions as well. The user can reach his goal in just a few simple steps. The design of modern BI is straightforward and content-oriented for casual users while enabling extremely complex analysis for power users, thus generating the necessary results for business success. In the end, BI provides clear guidance for improving a company’s performance.

A strong crowd of fans

It’s no secret that the stronger the community of fans behind a club, the more success it enjoys. There’s a reason fans are known as the “twelfth man” on the soccer team. The same applies to BI systems. User acceptance is one of the most important factors that will determine the success of an application, which is why content and presentation must fully comply with the users’ requirements. Only when adoption is high will the BI solution have a chance at long-term success. In the end, it’s not so different from how it works on the soccer field.

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