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Innovative Decisions, Inc. (IDI) helps companies build data infrastructures that save millions and enable them to make accurate, real-time decisions that benefit their business. Located near Pittsburgh, PA (USA), IDI has been providing technology consulting to a blue-chip client list since 1995. The company has expertise in Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management such as budgeting, planning and forecasting, Data Warehousing, Web Based Development, and Transition Technology (migrating to new technologies). IDI can develop an entirely customized solution at either the clients’ location or its corporate offices. IDI also provides key consultants that will augment their clients’ staff.

IDI offers real business intelligence for real business applications. The company’s Decision Support Systems help IDI’s clients gain significant competitive advantage.

Reduce Operational Costs - IDI’s business intelligence solutions help to reduce operational costs by:

  • Optimizing supply chain from end to end
  • Allowing clients to spot weak links in the supply chain and make real time adjustments to reduce costs

Increase Revenue - IDI’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions increase revenue by improving sales quality, raising customer retention rates and increasing profitability. IDI helps companies:

  • Acquire key customer demographic data to help determine buying habits
  • Better target their marketing efforts

Product Quality - IDI solutions also assist companies in more accurately assessing product quality by:

  • Determining the financial impact of product warranties
  • Eliminating or reducing product defects


  • Innovative Decisions Incorporated
    600 Braddock Ave., Suite A
    Turtle Creek, PA 15145

    phone: +1 (412) 829-3010
    fax:     +1 (412) 829-8140