Interview with iVEDiX CEO Raj Kutty

 iVEDiX and arcplan announced their partnership in May 2011 to offer comprehensive BI solutions to customers globally. We sat down with iVEDiX CEO Raj Kutty to discuss some details about the partnership and what iVEDiX has been working on lately.

Can you explain why arcplan and iVEDiX have decided to partner?

Kutty: arcplan and iVEDiX have had a long-standing relationship, working with some of the same customers in the mid-Atlantic region for years. We decided to formalize this relationship in order to extend iVEDiX's services to arcplan Enterprise customers worldwide. We're located near Rochester, NY, but we're not just a regional company. We have a worldwide presence just as arcplan does across the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. We've seen real excitement and optimism about this partnership not only within our own two companies, but also among our customers.

Tell us a little more about iVEDiX and what makes you unique in the BI market.

Kutty: We're trying to change the industry standard - that BI software automatically fits every business, industry and work environment. Instead, we provide customer-centric software solutions that combine cutting-edge technology and a collaborative methodology to transform a business' reporting, analysis, planning and decision support landscapes. We invest time in understanding the business needs of individual clients and becoming a trusted adviser that provides tangible results.

We draw from a wealth of experience - more than a decade in fact - in developing and deploying top BI tools including arcplan, Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft, so we're uniquely positioned to help companies leverage their existing information assets and knowledge to achieve increased profitability, sales, cost efficiencies and customer satisfaction. And though we work with a wide range of industries, we're experts in the needs of retail, healthcare, manufacturing, banking and finance, media, pharmaceutical, insurance and high tech clients.

What is the team at iVEDiX like?

Kutty: Since we started the company in November 2009, we've more than doubled in size. We've brought in an eclectic mix of graduates from the region and seasoned business intelligence practitioners and data modeling architects. We've even taken on a team of 3D animation specialists and gaming engineers in an attempt to accelerate the design and delivery of the next generation of visual analytics to our customers.

You have some pretty bold projects in mind. Can you share any details with us?

Kutty: For the first time ever, our customers will be able to have a unified model to visualize and analyze their traditional BI data marts, CRM assets, and location and behavioral (social media) environments. Essentially, we're creating a new 'ecosystem' that will redefine the traditional boundaries of business intelligence. We're working in collaboration with arcplan to bring this vision to life, fusing arcplan's powerful BI suite with our own capabilities.

We've visited your offices before, but for our clients who haven't, can you tell us why you chose your location?

Kutty: Our office (located in Pittsford just outside the city of Rochester, NY) comprises the top floors of what used to be the a grain tower and flour mill alongside the historic Erie Canal. A panoramic view from the iVEDiX office towers will take you from downtown Rochester to Perinton Hills, dairy farms, and the quiet town of Pittsford. Our decision to move into the tower was driven by a desire to choose a location that would physically embody what our company represents: a diverse environment with a cross-functional, multi-faceted team that is focused on delivering next generation business intelligence solutions to a rapidly growing legion of customers, with help from partners like arcplan. 

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