Overview and screenshots of arcplan-based solutions from our partners around the world (sorted by solution type).

Analysis - Analyzer provides ad-hoc and standard reporting with enhanced data visualization - from antares

Analysis - ready-to-SERVE is a framework for structuring information systems - from iit

Balanced Scorecards - BSC structures your information into cascaded, configurable scorecards - from antares

Business Planning - Xambrosius is a cloud BI solution offering powerful analytics for small businesses - from GPX

HR Dashboards - Insight into your human capital at a glance - from Sapindigo

Real Estate Dashboards - Insights into your real estate portfolio at a glance - from Sapindigo

Consolidation- Simply Finance for LucaNet is an out-of-the-box financial solution especially addressing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Customer Service - WSuite is an off-the- shelf solution for IT support and service departments - from Kibra

Financial BI - packaged solution for small & medium sized businesses; cloud based SaaS offering - from KPK

Planning - Planner is a solution that produces reliable forecasts and what-if analyses - from antares

 Risk Management - RiMIS provides automatic risk reports & evaluations with a user-friendly interface - from antares

Workforce Management - Contact Center Controller provides standard and ad-hoc reports that integrate CRM data - from SHP

Documentation - Analyze and document your arcplan applications seamlessly - from Synaxus