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FinSotica is a pre-built cloud enabled SaaS based Financial Business Intelligence solution to provide critical financial insights for business decisions that have an impact on revenue, cost, efficiency and compliance.

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FinSotica is powered by arcplan, a business intelligence software platform that can seamlessly integrate with most of the ERP and non-ERP data within a single table, report or dashboard and can be deployed rapidly. FinSotica offers a complete suite of financial reporting framework including – Dashboards, What-if simulators, Balance Sheet, One glance compliance adherence, Audit checklist, Repository of disparate financial formats etc.


  • It’s an affordable low-cost solution specially created for small and medium businesses.
  • No additional expenses on IT infrastructure or support – being pure SaaS based, there’s no new hardware to install, no software upgrades and no IT support required for maintenance.
  • It can be deployed quickly – with pre-built templates.
  • It’s easy to use – web based interface provides easy accessibility to approved users from any location.
  • Increase in efficiency – carry out simulations by integrating budgets with actual and forecast the immediate future.
  • Control over compliance – there will be no need to wait for introspection to highlight the exceptions.

Supported Data Sources

MS SQL Server, Analysis Services, PowerOLAP, IBM Cognos TM1, Oracle Essbase, SAP BW, SAP BW-IP

Supported arcplan Versions

arcplan Enterprise Release 7.2 onwards

Available Languages




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Dashboard Report Dashboard Report Dashboard Report