Quotes from arcplan's partner network

We'll let our partners tell you why they chose arcplan as their business intelligence software partner:

 "Since the focus of our business is helping SAP customers get the most from their investment, we value arcplan's extensive integration with SAP, as well as its ability to utilize SharePoint as a business intelligence delivery mechanism. With arcplan, we deliver dynamic, flexible business intelligence reporting and dashboards with one simple solution, as opposed to multiple SAP solutions."

Bill Topel, Managing Partner of MPS Partners
arcplan Channel Partner, Illinois, USA
"We appreciate the value arcplan provides in helping us serve our clients' needs quickly and with minimal complexity. Our clients benefit tremendously from arcplan's powerful yet easy to deploy and use dashboards, scorecards and analytic reports. And with arcplan's open approach to data connectivity and our experience in data integration, our ability to be the go-to team for companies experiencing data disconnection is endless."

Will Tesch, Founder & CEO of TESCHGlobal
arcplan Channel Partner, Wisconsin, USA
 "arcplan's business intelligence and planning capabilities are key to our cloud-based analytics solutions. As financial experts in Oracle Hyperion and Essbase, we appreciate arcplan's extensive connectivity to Oracle and non-Oracle systems. And as a smaller vendor, they're able to be hands-on when it comes to helping us with marketing and pre-sales support."

Mick Teno, President of gnuhat
arcplan Channel Partner, Washington, USA
"iVEDiX has been working with arcplan for many years at our enterprise clients. It is unparalleled in its adept handling of complicated reporting, extensive data access, and ease of use for analysts and decision-makers. We see how much our clients value the business insight they get with arcplan, and how arcplan usage often permeates the organization as people recognize the value arcplan provides."

Raj Kutty, Founder & CEO of iVEDiX
arcplan Channel Partner, New York, USA
    "arcplan is helping us leverage our strong background in business intelligence to deliver BI and reporting solutions to our clients. As a systems integrator, we find that arcplan's broad connectivity, quick implementations, and unique capabilities set it apart from other BI vendors and enable our clients to make a big impact for a small investment."

Tom Salzer, President of Advanced Information Services
arcplan Channel Partner, New Jersey, USA