arcplan webinars provide actionable information that you can put to use in your organization right away. There's no fluff; just practical lessons learned from among our 3,200 clients. The programs below cover a wide range of topics for both IT and business audiences.

Dashboards of the future

Today you find Business Intelligence solutions in terms of management dashboards in many organizations. They should support users in taking the right decisions and in managing their company successfully. But is that what they really do?

TraceMiner 2.0

Are your reports, dashboards and Ad-hoc analysis constantly evolving? Do you need options to analyze and document your applications quickly and easily? Check out arc|webinarTraceMiner 2.0 – How to easily succeed in documenting and analyzing arcplan Enterprise applications”, showing how to tune your arcplan applications.

Our Earlier Recordings

Record Date File Title & Description
12/10/2013Financial Transparency – Architecting Success
Jointly presented by arcplan & our partner Teradata
This webinar presents a case for implementing analytics that tie operational drivers to financial performance for a true understanding of how your enterprise can achieve success. We also share a model for next-generation finance infrastructure that leverages a data warehouse fed by operational and financial systems and reporting and analytics that help you guide your business.
Duration: 45 min.
10/23/2013Not Your Father's Financial Statements
This webinar shows you how to bring your financial data to life with visualizations, including radar graphs, bridge charts, micrographs and more.
Duration: 30 min.
10/3/2013An In-Depth Look at arcplan 8
This webinar explores the new features of arcplan 8, particularly Responsive Design, which optimizes applications for viewing on any mobile device. It also reviews arcplan's advanced analytical functions, self-service capabilities and more.
Duration: 60 min.
8/28/13Business Intelligence as the Gateway to Big Data
This webinar serves as a primer on how to use big data and BI together for enterprise impact. It includes a discussion of the 3 approaches to solving big data problems for companies with varying degrees of infrastructure and resources, and how BI platforms scale big data analysis and visualization to more users.
Duration: 40 min.
8/13/13Mobile-First BI Enabled by Responsive Design
This webinar is a primer on Responsive Design for mobile BI, the way to cater to many different device types while keeping cost and maintenance effort low. Learn why it's necessary to future-proof your BI apps and see examples of responsively designed dashboards.
Duration: 30 min.
7/17/13A Visual Guide to Customer Analytics
This webinar reviews the metrics you should track to get a 360 degree view of your customers and the chart types that work best with those metrics. It includes a discussion of how to combine data from your CRM, BI solutions, and other sources into one central location for easy access and insight.
Duration: 30 min.
6/13/13Visualizations to Make You a Better Budgeter
This webinar will make you rethink how you present your plan data. Moving to a more visual representation of data helps non-finance professionals better understand how to make big impacts on the budget, and answer questions like when will budget vs. actual start to go south? and what cost centers are having the most negative impact on the budget? 
Duration: 30 min.
8/7/12Best Practices in Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting/CPM Deployments
This webinar presents lessons learned from our many years of implementing BP&F/CPM solutions. Regardless of your organization's size, structure, or planning process, there are some universal preparations that can help your solution deployment be successful. This webinar delves into each of these considerations and gives tips on how to overcome the challenges of these complex implementations.
Duration: 55 min.
6/19/12A Look at Real World Cloud BI Solutions
This webinar presents a roadmap for cloud BI success, evaluates cloud BI's challenges and how to overcome them, and features a cloud BI success story from GPX Software. Their SaaS small business planning solution Xambrosius was built on arcplan technology.
Duration: 60 min.
5/30/12Developing Your Mobile BI Strategy
This webinar presents everything decision-makers and IT teams need to consider when planning a mobile BI project. Learn the 6 elements your mobile BI strategy must include, 5 ways to fail at mobile BI, and your various deployment options (Web vs. native apps, extranet vs. VPN), as well as security concerns and how to mitigate them.
Duration: 50 min.
4/18/12Collaborative BI: From Theory to Practice
If you've heard the hype around Collaborative BI but wonder how it can really benefit your organization in practical ways, this webinar is a must-watch. Learn how it embraces casual users, enhances decision-making, and leads to better content organization-wide. It also discusses the differences between Collaborative BI and enterprise collaboration platforms and the criteria you should evaluate when looking for your solution.
Duration: 45 min.
1/4/2012More Dash Less Bored: How to Build Interactive, Go-To Dashboards
This webinar features BI dashboard design best practices, pitfalls to avoid, how to choose the right chart type for your data, and the 10 keys to successful dashboards. Also see a demo of a dashboard application you can emulate.
Duration: 44 min.
12/13/2011Calculating ROI for Business Intelligence Projects
This webinar is a blueprint for calculating the ROI for your business intelligence project. We present ROI analysis as a simple-to-use 7-step methodology and take you through the tough questions to ask during the analysis. Case studies from several organizations are presented and common BI ROI justifications like "better reporting" are dissected from a true business value perspective.
Duration: 53 min.
11/2/2011Beyond Excel for BI
This webinar presents the concrete ways that business intelligence software enhances reporting, analysis, and planning while taking advantage of Excel's best features. Learn more about Excel add-ins that embrace your power users while ensuring data integrity and security, reducing errors, and allowing data entry and write-back to the data source. See a demo of a financial briefing book application with 4 common reports and how they are accessible and interactive via an Excel-like interface.
Duration: 41 min.
6/1/2011How To Be An Analyst
This webinar sets you off on the right foot in your quest to master some of the most common data analysis techniques. We review sorting and ranking, comparative analysis, Pareto, and projection/regression and how to use each of these methods in  business intelligence scenarios you see on dashboards & scorecards.
Duration: 56 min.
12/09/2010Utilizing SharePoint for Business Intelligence
Whether you're just beginning to explore the possibilities of SharePoint, or you're a current arcplan customer looking to expand the pervasiveness of BI at your organization, this webinar provides the guidance you need to start your SharePoint-based BI project.
Duration: 1 hr 2 min.