arcplan webinars provide actionable information that you can put to use in your organization right away. There's no fluff; just practical lessons learned from among our 3,200 clients. The programs below cover a wide range of topics for both IT and business audiences.

Effectively Managing the Complexities of Financial Forecasting

Forecasting for companies can get extremely complex. To handle the increasing variety and complexity of forecasting problems, many techniques have been developed over the years. It is finding the right technique and system that can be the challenge. Sound predictions of demands and trends are no longer a luxury, but a necessity, in order to cope with seasonality, sudden changes in customer preferences, price-cutting, plant closings, and many other factors. Understanding and forecasting for these complexities can help your organization be better prepared to deal with these potential troubles.

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

This webinar will focus on an integrated budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BP&F) for organizations of any size that seek to streamline processes and shorten budgeting cycles. arcplan Edge offers a fully integrated environment that allows you to do both: analyze data from the past – with flexible reporting and dashboards - and plan for the future.

Big Data

According to latest research global data volume doubles every two years. We generate structured and unstructured data from production, distribution and sales processes, from contacts with suspects, customers and business partners and many other activities. Big Data resounds throughout the global BI community and it is a huge challenge to enterprises in today´s business because many questions regarding the benefits of Big data still need to be answered.

A New Approach to Business Intelligence

During this webinar we will focus on the power of arcplan 8 and its low total cost of ownership by addressing the following: One solution that covers a variety of users: mobile, excel, subscription based, and Web users. Features including Responsive Design, HTML5, and Real Time Excel Analytics Easy and rapid deployment of analytic applications, management reports and dashboards. Intuitive ad-hoc reporting and self-service capabilities that make users more autonomous. Fully customize the look and feel of the application. Seamless integration with more than 20 data sources supported.

Dashboards of the future

Today you find Business Intelligence solutions in terms of management dashboards in many organizations. They should support users in taking the right decisions and in managing their company successfully. But is that what they really do?

TraceMiner 2.0

Are your reports, dashboards and Ad-hoc analysis constantly evolving? Do you need options to analyze and document your applications quickly and easily? Check out arc|webinarTraceMiner 2.0 – How to easily succeed in documenting and analyzing arcplan Enterprise applications”, showing how to tune your arcplan applications.

Our Earlier Recordings

Record Date File Title & Description
12/10/2013Financial Transparency – Architecting Success
Jointly presented by arcplan & our partner Teradata
This webinar presents a case for implementing analytics that tie operational drivers to financial performance for a true understanding of how your enterprise can achieve success. We also share a model for next-generation finance infrastructure that leverages a data warehouse fed by operational and financial systems and reporting and analytics that help you guide your business.
Duration: 45 min.
10/23/2013Not Your Father's Financial Statements
This webinar shows you how to bring your financial data to life with visualizations, including radar graphs, bridge charts, micrographs and more.
Duration: 30 min.
10/3/2013An In-Depth Look at arcplan 8
This webinar explores the new features of arcplan 8, particularly Responsive Design, which optimizes applications for viewing on any mobile device. It also reviews arcplan's advanced analytical functions, self-service capabilities and more.
Duration: 60 min.