arcplan's business intelligence and planning white papers provide you with an aggregated view on technical or business topics in relation to arcplan and BI & planning project implementations.

arcplan in SAP Environments
Unified Business Analytics leveraging SAP infrastructure
Exceptional flexibility for users, user-friendliness and innovative capacity - arcplan Scores High in The BI Survey 14
An analysis of arcplan's results in The BI Survey 14 (2014). See how arcplan stacks up against other BI and reporting vendors and learn why our customers ranked us #1 in so many categories, like Mobile BI, Investment and Self-Service.
A Buyer’s Guide for Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Software
We know hundreds of samples for inaccurate planning – Our latest White paper provides great advice in case you are investing in a budgeting, planning and forecasting software!
Top Ranked Performance Management and Enterprise Reporting Vendor: arcplan Scores High in The BI Survey 13
An analysis of arcplan's results in The BI Survey 13 (2013). See how arcplan stacks up against other BI and reporting vendors and learn why our customers ranked us #1 in so many categories, like Mobile BI, Investment and Self-Service.
A Guide to DORA: Design Once, Run Anywhere BI
Our guide to DORA explains how you can overcome the screen size dilemma and develop modern analysis and planning applications for all devices while saving time and money for your organization. It also includes design advice for BI app developers and a discussion of how existing arcplan customers can take advantage of DORA.
A Practical Guide to Deploying Mobile Business Intelligence
This white paper outlines key considerations, best practices, and a plan for the successful implementation of mobile BI solutions within your organization. It also identifies the 7 pitfalls to avoid and the 7 most important elements of your mobile BI strategy.
Improving Planning and Forecasting with Technology
Check out this Aberdeen Group report underwritten by arcplan to learn about the benefits best-in-class companies achieve – using technology like arcplan – when it comes to planning and forecasting. Also read a case study of our customer IMAX and how we improved their planning process.
Moving Beyond Excel for BI
How finance leaders can embrace business intelligence software without leaving Excel completely behind.
Calculating ROI for Business Intelligence Projects
This white paper shows business intelligence project owners and managers how to operate on a level playing field with the people who approve BI projects at their organization. It offers a comprehensive understanding of what return on investment really means and how to calculate it, specifically for BI projects. If you need to quantify your project in concrete terms (expected cost reductions, higher revenues, etc.), this white paper is designed for you.
Moving Beyond Excel for BI
Learn how business intelligence software can augment your financial reporting and analysis efforts while retaining the things you love about Excel spreadsheets.
Use Leading Indicators in Your Dashboards & Scorecards to Get Ahead of the Pack
Is your BI tool putting you ahead of the pack? Learn the difference between leading & lagging indicators and how to use the right metrics to predict future problems, anticipate opportunities for growth, and separate yourself from competitors.
arcplan Shared Query Cache
This white paper explains arcplan's Shared Query Cache, which provides role-based security to in-memory processing.
BI as a Driver for SMBs' Growth
This white paper explores the four key Business Intelligence-related technology decisions that Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses should consider to expedite and simplify BI deployment.
For Financial Leaders: Combine Data and Acumen to Fill Information Gaps
Published white paper in Financial Executive Magazine, May 2010 - by Kathleen Rohrecker
The Business Case for Supplier Quality Management
Supplier performance is about more than just a low purchase price. Read in this paper how to measure it effectively. Also includes sample KPIs for your supplier quality dashboards & scorecards.
Enterprise Mashups for BI
This white paper explores the powerful use of mashups within Business Intelligence environments.