arcplan's eLearning program provides you with a convenient option to learn how to use arcplan software right at your desk. arcplan eLearning courses are provided in self-contained chapters you can view at your own pace. After the full course, you'll need to pass a test in order to get an arcplan training certificate.

How does it work?

All eLearning courses are tied to an individual trainee and each course is available for 30 days after order confirmation. With your registration, arcplan provides you a user login and password to access the online eLearning system (live internet connection is required). The eLearning system provides extensive help options, but if you experience any technically difficulties during the course, contact us directly at

Available trainings and languages

Currently the eLearning courses are only available in English. arcplan is working to provide courses in additional languages. Subscribe to the arc|connect newsletter to get the latest updates on arcplan Education.

All available eLearning courses are indicated in our Overview of arcplan Training Classes

arcplan Professional Service Coupons

Do you need eLearning courses for more than one colleague? Or want to book a series of eLearning courses in advance? Would you like to combine eLearning with individual Professional Services offerings after your training, such as application reviews, application design & implementations or upgrade support? If so, contact us for Professional Service Coupons. You can purchase a set of Professional Services offerings as Coupons that can be redeemed whenever you are ready.

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