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arcplan Enterprise Foundation Training

Target Audience 

Any individual with a familiarity of the standard Windows environment should find this class appropriate, including:

  • Developers / internal editors
  • Project managers
  • Administrators
  • Interested end users / 'power users'


The focus of Foundation Training is on the development of custom applications that will suit your company's unique requirements. Specific classes are offered to focus on developing arcplan applications with Microsoft's OLAP or ODBC database solutions. The Foundation Training course provides the basic functional and operational needs to get the developer started with our products, including:

  • arcplan Enterprise - Overall architecture, system requirements, positioning and technical introduction
  • Connection, installation and communication via API, RFC, ODBC
  • Access to tables and/or cubes
  • Systematic introduction to arcplan Enterprise Application Designer basic functions
  • Advanced functionality, such as drilldown, time attributes and conditions
  • Printing functionality
  • Joining tables
  • Properties and use of hierarchy objects
  • Object properties
  • Distribution and maintenance of applications
  • Conception, development, and documentation of comprehensive arcplan Enterprise applications
  • Integration and capabilities of arcplan Excel Analytics in published applications

The Foundation Training consists of 2 modules (FT 1 & FT 2). Both modules consist of two training days and can be booked separately.

Agenda Europe and US

FT 1
Properties and application possibilities of arcplan Enterprise
Components of arcplan Enterprise
Handling of the development environment arcplan 
arcplan Application Designer
arcplan Administration Console
Installing the applications on the arcplan Enterprise Server
using arcplan Enterprise Administration Console
Access to data sources with arcplan Application Designer
Using controlling and calculation formulas
Different types of graphics
Creating and using libraries and layouts
Creating and using the internal database
Setting up a start page with navigation buttons
Creating and using central documents
Creating and using central functions
Creating report 1 with database query (customer analysis)
Creating report 2 with database query and graphics (time line)
Creating report 3 with database query using
Top Count, Traffic Light with conditional coloring (top N)
General print capabilities and creation of a PRINT logic with the help of reports 1 and 2
FT 2
arcplan Best Practice
Overview of advanced techniques (central documents,
internal database, data entry, etc)
Excursion: Documentation options in documents and formulas
Setting up the arcplan Enterprise Server
Installing the applications on the arcplan Enterprise Server
using arcplan Enterprise Administration Console
Working with hierarchy objects
arcplan Enterprise scripts and protocols
Setting up a start page with navigation buttons
Creating report 4 (map)
Creating report 5 with database query and graphics (Product analysis)
Creating report 6 with basic drill down report and hierarchies (portfolio graphic)
Creating report 7 - Using arcplan Excel Analytics
Differences between ODBC - OLAP (Creating report 1 in an OLAP environment)
Do-it-yourself-session (Students create a report
withour trainers help, using all the techniques taught in class)


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