arcplan Engagearcplan Engage allows all users within your organization – from decision-makers to casual BI users – to have full access to all information required for efficient corporate decision-making. arcplan's next-generation BI solution combines traditional BI with proven and well-known Web 2.0 communication and knowledge sharing functions, serving the growing space of Collaborative Business Intelligence.

Collaborative Business Intelligence

arcplan Engagearcplan Engage allows users to tap into the wealth of information available in your organization with simple-to-use search functions that return results from arcplan, SharePoint, and even other BI systems. They can then comment, rate, tag, and share their findings with colleagues to enhance and accelerate the decision-making process.

Does your company use more than one BI environment for analysis and reporting? arcplan Engage is the only Collaborative BI solution not limited to one vendor's BI environment, but instead is open to work with a broad variety of BI and unstructured information sources that can be integrated into your collaborative workflow.

Business Intelligence + Web 2.0

Even more, users are able to enrich the system by adding their own content – such as Internet or Intranet pages – with a single click (we say "Engage it!"). Users will then find this information in search results alongside the traditional BI analyses and dashboards to enable better decision making. Engaged content is also available for commenting and rating.

Personalized analysis – on your BI Wall

arcplan Engage - BI Wallarcplan Engage comes with a personalization option that is unparalleled in the industry. Users can literally cut out components of existing arcplan applications and dashboards, adjust the individual filtering, and make them into widgets to be placed on their personal pinboard interface – the BI Wall. Users can access the BI Wall with a single mouse click.

To close the loop for advanced data analysis experts, arcplan Engage comes with arcplan Spotlight fully integrated, so users can perform individual Ad-hoc analysis on their data and store the results for later re-use – or even better, make them a widget on their the BI Wall for instant review every time they open arcplan Engage.

arcplan Engage is part of our broader Self-Service analytics offering, along with our ad-hoc reporting solutions arcplan Spotlight and arcplan Excel Analytics.

In context: Collaborative BI is often also listed as Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) or Social Business Intelligence by various industry analysts such as Gartner Group, IDC, and Aberdeen Research.