arcplan Excel Analyticsarcplan Excel Analytics extends arcplan's analytical power to the Microsoft Office desktop by providing a seamless integration of arcplan application content and functionality to Microsoft Excel. arcplan Excel Analytics extends the capabilities of arcplan Enterprise deployments by providing Ad-hoc analysis capabilities across multiple data sources in a broadly available and familiar Microsoft Office environment.

Easily scalable across the enterprise, arcplan Excel Analytics empowers users to further analyze corporate data and write-back to the original data sources as needed, while maintaining the security and centralized control demanded by the IT organization.

Available Functions

Business users, analysts, IT staff and managers can easily:

  • Export arcplan applications, queries, and objects directly to Microsoft Excel
  • Create centralized and secure Excel applications while conforming to IT governance and standards
  • Switch from an arcplan web client directly to a corresponding Excel analysis while maintaining connectivity to the arcplan application and source data
  • Perform offline analysis against arcplan application content
  • Access all major databases and BI systems via Excel
  • Perform Ad-hoc analysis based on arcplan application content in an Excel spreadsheet environment

With arcplan Excel Analytics, business users take advantage of Excel's built-in functionalities to further query, analyze, and modify the data. arcplan Excel Analytics allows users to integrate data in Excel from multiple data sources, including systems from SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others, serving as the Excel Add-In to data sources for which a native Excel Add-In does not exist.

Due to the pervasiveness of Excel within many organizations, users can now view and analyze corporate-wide performance data within a familiar Excel environment and make real-time business decisions based on a single version of the truth.

arcplan Excel Analytics is part of our broader Self-Service analytics offering, along with arcplan Spotlight and arcplan Engage

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Analysts and financial planners love their spreadsheets. And why not? But Excel is not necessarily the best choice for every scenario. If you think you have outgrown your spreadsheet model or you are encountering more and more situations where Excel is failing to meet your needs, then it is time to think about the next step – business intelligence software.