arcplan Spotlightarcplan Spotlight is a self-service analysis solution that helps you dynamically build reports, take action, and automate your queries. It is the first packaged arcplan ad-hoc solution that enables users to connect to their multidimensional (OLAP) data store, access key metrics, and gain instant insights without using complex BI tools. With arcplan Spotlight, users can spend more time analyzing data and less time navigating a maze of BI reports.

arcplan Spotlight easily connects to your corporate data warehouse, allowing you to see "live" data. It provides a seamless link to the information that is often stored deep in multidimensional systems that standard dashboards do not offer easy access to. It supports all multidimensional (OLAP) data sources on arcplan's extensive list of communication interfaces.

With arcplan Spotlight, users can easily view information from different perspectives in spreadsheet and chart form. Users can also:

  • Choose relevant metrics and dimensions and review data instantly
  • Easily add or delete elements through drag-and-drop
  • Tailor the look of each data set to personal preferences – make it your Spotlight
  • Store and share your Spotlight with colleagues through a publishing feature
  • Always see live data, with metrics refreshed with the newest data on the server
  • Export your Spotlight as Excel pivot tables or PDF files, or simply print it

BI developers can also integrate arcplan Spotlight into their own arcplan application using the powerful ad-hoc function within custom analysis dashboards. You can test this feature in our latest arcplan Enterprise Free Trial Edition. Click here to test it free for 30 days.  

arcplan Spotlight is part of our broader Self-Service analytics offering, along with our solutions arcplan Excel Analytics and arcplan Engage.

arcplan Spotlight is available starting with arcplan Enterprise 7.1, arcplan Edge 2.7.1, and arcplan Engage 1.1. Not available for previous versions of the above mentioned products.