Business intelligence enables you to make good on the promise of big data – hidden insights, new approaches, and better decisions – by providing a platform to disseminate information throughout the enterprise.

Investments in big data usually allow a group of data scientists to deliver their results to a small community of users. To get beyond small communities and have true enterprise impact, you need business intelligence software, the mechanism to scale your big data initiative to more decision-makers.

With real-time information access to a variety of big data technologies, arcplan leverages their computational power and provides easy to create and use dashboards and reports on desktop and mobile devices. Make big data results readily available to decision-makers at all levels by employing arcplan's connectors to TeradataSAP HANA, and Hadoop distributions.

Using arcplan BI software in conjunction with big data yields:

  • Stunning visualizations with our advanced graphical engine
  • Intuitive self-service with live data access in Excel
  • Holistic reporting that includes multiple data sources
  • Easy mobile BI deployments with our built-in "design once, run anywhere" (DORA) concept 
  • Fast query performance with in-memory technology
  • Rapid ROI, often within 12 months

Choosing an affordable and quick-to-implement BI solution like arcplan is one of the best ways to complement your big data initiative. Contact us to see how we can become an integral part of your big data ecosystem.