Employees at all levels make decisions every day, yet many lack access to the business intelligence content that supports the decision-making process. As companies begin to realize that their wealth of information must be shared across the enterprise, collaboration tools have become a necessity.

arcplan envisions all business intelligence systems having "search & collaboration" capabilities built-in, expanding access to BI content beyond traditional power users and facilitating collaborative decision-making. arcplan 8 comes with a central search so users can find all relevant BI content quickly and easily. Our Self-Service Analytics offering gives you even more Collaborative BI capabilities with our solution arcplan Engage.

arcplan Engage empowers business users to find, rate, comment on, and share information within your enterprise. Its Web 2.0 features and simple search capabilities make BI more powerful and pervasive without the learning curve typical of most business intelligence tools.

What else makes arcplan Engage so unique?

  • Its "making BI personal" philosophy increases adoption and therefore the return on your BI investment.
  • It not only allows users to search structured and unstructured data in arcplan, SharePoint, and even other BI systems – it also allows them to add their own content, enriching the system with information they find useful that others may too.
  • It enables users to "pin" or subscribe to metrics that are meaningful to them from existing reports and dashboards, creating a personal BI Wall on their desktop or mobile device.
  • It empowers users to leave feedback on existing content, whether that means simply rating good content or asking for enhancements or clarification. 

As the best reports rise to the top, business decisions are made based on the latest and greatest information as determined by the wisdom of the crowd. The participation of each team member plays a pivotal role in the success of Collaborative BI. IT benefits from this interaction as well; administrators can track and delete reports and other content that is no longer useful to the organization.

Collaborative BI brings increased efficiency and shortened time-to-decision to organizations willing to democratize their information.

arcplan Engage