Dashboards provide at-a-glance views of corporate performance and measure key metrics that are critical for running the business successfully.

To provide the greatest benefit, dashboards must be dynamic and allow users to drill down into information to better understand the causes of underperformance. However, most dashboards are simple "eye candy." Managers might use them to spot something to investigate later, but cannot use them to drill down and solve real issues. With arcplan, they can – on any device.

Dashboards display easy-to-understand performance metrics and reports. Modern dashboard applications, like the one pictured here, use tabbed navigation to guide users through an interactive experience. They enable users to filter data, interact with charts to see changes in performance over time, and can even contain an ad-hoc component to allow on-the-fly analysis of the causes of underperformance. 

Flexible Dashboards with arcplan

arcplan is unique in allowing limitless functionality in dashboard applications for desktops and mobile devices, where users can drill directly from KPIs to detailed information in order to make an informed decision on a business issue. In addition, arcplan dashboards facilitate collaborative decision-making and proactive performance management, aligning actions and business decisions with operational and strategic objectives. As a result, users can make better business decisions faster based on company data.

arcplan Enterprise is the core of our platform and the product that most customers use to build dashboards, which are then deployed on mobile devices with arcplan Mobile. Dashboard and reporting functionality is also integrated into arcplan Edge, our budgeting, planning and forecasting solution, enabling all-in-one corporate performance management applications. As mentioned, Ad-hoc analysis can be built into arcplan dashboards with arcplan Spotlight, which comes with arcplan Enterprise 7.1, arcplan Edge 2.7.1, and arcplan Engage 1.1 and above.

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