Mobile business intelligence is a necessity for executives, remote staff and sales people who need access to business-critical data at all times. Its use is poised to skyrocket, with up to 80% of users expected to access BI exclusively on their mobile device by 2014. As such, mobile BI has become a critical part of many businesses' IT strategy and an essential element of improving decision-making for employees at all levels. 

arcplan makes mobile BI easy. Develop applications like dashboards and reports in a point-and-click environment – no programming required. Design once and deploy anywhere, without additional work, on Apple, Microsoft, Android, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.

arcplan gives you:

  • Direct, real-time and secure access to more than 20 data sources
  • Write-back to the original data source
  • Powerful visualizations like Pareto, Waterfall, and Bubble charts
  • Interactive dashboards

Do I need do download an app from an app store? No, any arcplan application can be published as a Web app using HTML5, providing accessible on any mobile device. Contact us to learn more or see a demo.

This White Paper explains how you can overcome the screen size dilemma and develop modern analysis and planning applications for all devices while saving time and money for your organization.