arcplan Mobilearcplan Mobile is a native app available for download on the iTunes and Google Play Store. Within arcplan Mobile you can launch any arcplan application developed with arcplan Enterprise or arcplan Edge.

Why download arcplan Mobile as a native app? 

IT departments may consider pure browser connections vulnerable and may not allow you to run a Web app. arcplan Mobile is a native app that allows you to launch arcplan apps in a hybrid mode and provides additional options to run your app with secure communication (https).

Mobile or not – Design Once,  Run Anywhere

In addition to arcplan's native app, every installation of arcplan now includes built-in mobile BI capabilities. Using HTML5 and Responsive Design principles, arcplan enables you to develop and deploy applications that are easily portable from desktops to smartphones and tablets. We call it DORA – Design Once, Run Anywhere.

With DORA, you can roll out mobile analytics and planning apps that are optimized for any device with very little effort. Even existing arcplan apps can be made responsive.

With arcplan, every user gets a stellar mobile BI experience, developers get an easy way to design apps for their organization's portfolio of devices, and the organization sees increased flexibility in its BI, leading to greater adoption rates, better decisions and improved performance.

With arcplan you get immediate access to these benefits:

  • Direct access to your data warehouse or planning data in SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata, and many more. This also includes write-back to your data source from mobile devices.
  • No programming or specialized skills necessary to build your mobile-enabled apps. Jump-start your development using our simple point-and-click interface, the arcplan Application Designer.
  • Personalized user interfaces and analytical functions for dedicated user groups, e.g. the management board, divisional heads, members of financial staff, or other operative contributors.

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