Manage Supply Chain Performance to Improve Quality and Save Millions

With more than 60 percent of the cost of manufactured goods coming from the supply chain, supply chain performance is a core competence that must be mastered. arcplan provides the extended supply chain performance management team with timely, complete, and actionable information that helps eliminate cost and improve quality. We're accustomed to overcoming typical infrastructure challenges that often hold back quality managers. We empower them to:

  • Create dashboards and scorecards using all the required information that lives in many systems
  • Eliminate reliance on spreadsheets used by the field to submit quality data to the supply chain management team, which delay information availability
  • Generate meaningful, timely summary or trend reports that support drill down, drill across or summary information

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arc|Inspire White Paper

The Business Case for Better Supplier Quality Management

There are many competitive and financial reasons to download this new white paper from arcplan, the leading third party front end to SAP used by quality management teams worldwide.

  • Companies that closely manage suppliers on average realize more than 25% improvement in key supplier metrics such as on-time delivery, quality, and cost.
  • The Cost of Poor Supplier Quality (CoPQ) may account for more than 10% of an organization's revenue.
  • Most companies only recover the material cost of poor quality, but non-material costs are actually 67% of the total cost incurred.

Graham Packaging Success Story

Get the arc|webinar Replay or the Case Study [PDF]

Hear about the success of arcplan client Graham Packaging, which has hundreds of suppliers supporting 81 plants on three continents. You'll learn what metrics other leading organizations are using to improve cost, quality and time aspects of supplier performance. You'll get some concrete ideas about how you can overcome the challenges of implementing a standardized, fact-based supplier quality management program that gives the whole team – from the design team to quality engineers and executives – the information needed to drive improvement such as:

  • Quality trends by plant, by vendor, by time of day, etc.
  • Supplier Performance over time
  • Relative Supplier performance compared to other like vendors
  • Cost of poor quality
  • And more

OMV arcplan Customer Success Story

OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH Integrates Supply Chain Planning and Reporting for Better, Fact-Based Decisions

OMV is a market share leader in petroleum refining and marketing, which presents an extremely complex and time-sensitve supply chain. The company implemented an arcplan-powered Supply Chain Management Solution that provided standardized, fact-based information regarding supply, processing logistics, and sales. This enabled 180 managers in the company to integrate plan data with actual data, and thus improve performance all along the supply chain. In a market in which success is determined by the hundreth of a penny, better decisions put money on the bottom line.