Best-in-class companies use technology to re-forecast as market conditions change and analyze "what if" scenarios to see the impact of changes on performance. As a result of this dynamic plan adjustment and greater plan accuracy, they see increased revenues and profits. Are you missing out?

If your organization is burdened with a manual, time-consuming planning process, lacks the ability to re-plan, and needs more time for analysis and strategic decision-making, it may be time to invest in a technology solution like arcplan Edge. Used at companies large and small, it shortens the planning cycle by 50% or more.

arcplan's customers see their financial planning go from months-long manual processes entirely based on spreadsheets to fast, automated processes that enable monthly reporting, quarterly forecasts, and accurate, timely annual plans. 

In addition, arcplan Edge includes reporting and dashboards so you can take care of all your analytical needs with one product that integrates data from multiple sources, is easy to learn, and has a low total cost of ownership.

Budgeting and planning with arcplan gives you:

  • Out-of-the-box templates and the ability to configure the system so it adapts to your particular planning process
  • Pre-defined time-based allocations (e.g. even, calendar days, increase, decrease, …) that can be adjusted to your needs and the ability to create custom allocations
  • Workflow so you can logically order your tasks and keep an eye on where your team is in the planning cycle 
  • Offline planning so your planners can work on budgets while out of the office, then upload the numbers to a central repository
  • Visual planning capability and what-if, best-case, and worst-case analysis
  • The freedom to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making

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BARC surveyed users on many different aspects of the process: What importance does the topic of planning have in companies? Which areas do they plan, and how are they integrated? Where is there room for improvement? Which software solutions do they use for planning?