arcplan is a lightweight, flexible engine for web-based reporting, dashboards, and analytics. With a long tradition of supporting SAP and SAP BW systems (see BI Survey 14 results), arcplan is also the 1st certified vendor for SAP HANA MDX.

SAP HANA users can seamlessly connect arcplan for powerful Ad-hoc analysis – using arcplan Spotlight – and budgeting, planning, and forecasting applications – all with a single architecture.

How can arcplan complement your SAP HANA investment?

  • Easy and fast deployment of analytic applications, management reports, and dashboards without programming
  • Access analytics on any mobile device using arcplan’s DORA (Design Once, Run Anywhere) principle
  • Access to every BI app in a web browser and Excel, all the while maintaining a live connection to the database
  • Integration of your SAP HANA data with other corporate data throughout the enterprise

The combination of your SAP HANA database and arcplan creates a unique opportunity to discover new insights and improve your business. There has never been a better time to evaluate arcplan to extend your SAP investment.

3 step process to test arcplan with SAP HANA

  1. 1) Download the arcplan Free Trial Edition. This gives you access to all supported arcplan interfaces for 30 days.
  2. 2) Get your connection to SAP HANA MDX established in less than 30 seconds.
  3. 3) Start your data discovery right away using arcplan Spotlight and develop your own arcplan analysis dashboards.

If you’re an arcplan customer but without SAP HANA interfaces, please contact your local arcplan sales representative for a test key.

For more details see our Frequently Asked Questions document.