Self-service or ad-hoc reporting allows users to manipulate and explore their data to answer business questions. Whereas dashboards and static reports answer questions about what is happening at your business, ad-hoc answers questions about why it is happening.

If you need a solution that allows you to visually spot patterns, analyze data on the fly for underlying causes, and make decisions that will move your company in the right direction, consider arcplan – the leading dashboard and enterprise reporting vendor for self-service according to The BI Survey 13 (2013).

arcplan offers two products for self-service analysis and reporting:

arcplan Spotlight enables web browser-based Ad-hoc analysis for power users and analysts who want to navigate and visualize data without help from IT. Standalone or embedded into BI applications like dashboards, arcplan Spotlight empowers users to build dynamic reports using drag-and-drop and other familiar controls. Users can print, save, export, publish and share their queries.

arcplan Excel Analytics provides seamless integration of arcplan application content and functionality to Microsoft Excel. This means that users who prefer working in Excel can do so while maintaining a live connection to the database and experiencing a host of other benefits, like write-back, offline analysis, and integration of more than 20 data sources.

These products are part of our Self-Service Package, which also includes arcplan Engage. Contact us to learn more or see a demo.