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arcplan allows users the flexibility of displaying fully interactive dashboards and scorecards or housing individual information silos (for instance, a pie chart or a 'top 5 performing products' list) from existing BI applications within their SharePoint environment.

Puts the focus on information – not infrastructure

arcplan's integrated solution uses plug-and-play web parts to build rich analytic dashboards and scorecards within SharePoint. It pulls together valuable content from various data sources, making collaborative business intelligence possible within an organization's existing SharePoint environment.

Key Features

  • Your SharePoint BI app is not limited to strictly Microsoft data sources: you have connectivity to more than 20 different data sources – relational and multidimensional – including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM
  • Web parts are available in multiple sizes, making it easy to adapt to your viewing needs
  • Web parts can be arranged on your dashboard however you prefer
  • Ad-hoc analysis by pivoting in a web part interface
  • Bi-directional data communication including write-back to source data

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